Mark SanchezHold the press. Delay the papers. Week 1 of New York Jets' football is in the books and Tim Tebow isn't the starting quarterback yet.

That title remains in Mark Sanchez's hands, and rightfully so. 

With three touchdowns, 266 yards, and one interception in the Jets' season opener against the Buffalo Bills, Sanchez can worry a little less about his job security this week.

With the media, coach Rex Ryan, and the Jets' fan base waiting to scrutinize his every mistake, Sanchez was in a position where he had to play a nearly perfect game to keep his job.

Other than a deflection-turned-interception in the first quarter, that's exactly what he did.

But that doesn't mean Sanchez had much room for error. The interception was his only blunder, and even then, coach Ryan weighed his options.

"I was thinking we should bench him," Ryan said jokingly after the game, giving one of his classic gut-wrenching responses to a post game inquisition. 

Even though ol' Rex chuckled with laughter, there's some truth behind every joke. Let's pretend for a moment that Sanchez had flipped his numbers around, throwing for only one touchdown and a trio of interceptions. Rex's quote doesn't seem so unbelievable anymore, does it?

That's the amount of breathing room Sanchez was given during Sunday's game: a couple of interceptions. A couple of interceptions and the front page of the New York Post is proclaiming "Tebowmania."

A couple of interceptions and Sanchez is riding the bench before mid-September. 

Anyone with a pulse knows Tebow is slowly climbing the ladder behind Sanchez, waiting for an opportunity to pounce on the starting job. But for now, Tebow has fallen a few notches.

Cherish the moment, Mark. At this moment, you're the starting quarterback of the New York Jets. Why?

Because you've done enough to justify it this far.