Of all the rhetoric, hoopla and nauseating coverage over the arrival of quarterback Tim Tebow, the one thing that I rarely hear discussed is what happens if starting Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez gets hurt?

The Jets' offense looked putrid in their preseason loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, 17-6. 

Yes, we know a legitimate workhorse running back has yet to show his face. Yes, we know that starting wide receiver Santonio Holmes was out studying for his locker room etiquette finals. Yes, we all know the offensive line is on shaky ground. 

However, that is not what worries me.
Tim Tebow had some of the best runs of the night. Tebow showed his trademark energy and fire. He also showed that he has no chance to lead this offense over the long haul if he had to. All of Tebow's actions (QB-related) seemed a step slow and a second too late. 

The interception he threw in the third quarter couldn't have been more telegraphed if Samuel Morse threw it himself. The Jets can offer the excuse that they were just running a "vanilla" offense if they want. The truth of that proclamation is more disturbing with the results that were yielded this evening.

Center Nick Mangold said when asked about what he thought about the starting offense, "We have to look at the tape and see what needs to be fixed." Nick needs to tell his coach Rex Ryan that if he wants to fix the offense, he needs to focus more on Sanchez. Get third-string quarterback Greg McElroy more reps as the No. 2 guy. And put Tebow somewhere safe . . . like on a box of Wheaties.