I have always taken Mark Sanchez with a grain of salt.

My opinion has been pretty vanilla the past couple of years but I have always thought Sanchez was a decent quarterback that just hasn't quite found his niche.  Rex Ryan has messed with his mind since day one and now Sanchez has become a mental mess and he needs to get around some new scenery to try and save his career before it is too late. 

Some guys just don't make it in New York, just ask Alex Rodriguez.  

I watched Sanchez get pulled the other day and I actually felt really sorry for him. I understand the frustration of the Jets fans but in all reality, Sanchez has nothing to work with, that offense is horrible all the way around and the Tim Tebow addition did nothing but aggravate the whole situation. 

As I watched Greg McElroy take the field last Sunday and watched the fans just go crazy, I knew it is time for Sanchez to go.  

Sanchez has handled all of this quarterback circus and lack of playmakers with a lot of class and I am cheering for him to get to another team to have a chance at showing who he really is and hopefully prove he hasn't been completely ruined by Ryan.

Thinking about all of the options out there, I realized there are only 2 teams where Sanchez can truly succeed. 

In breaking it down, I knew that he had to go to a team that is hungry for a quarterback, a place where fans welcome him with open arms and an elite receiver that is desperate for a Super Bowl ring.

The first team I thought of was the Arizona Cardinals.  This team hasn't had a lot going for them since Kurt Warner retired. What we learned from the short lived Warner era is Arizona is a good team, a team that has a lot of weapons but no one to throw the ball.  

The Cardinals offensive coordinator Mike Miller joined the team in 2007 as an offensive assistant and then spent 2 years as Passing Coordinator, one of those years was 2009 when Miller helped Kurt Warner gain 3753 passing yards with 26 touchdowns.  Miller was promoted to offensive coordinator in 2011 and quite frankly, hasn't had much to work with as far as quarterbacks go.  Sanchez could walk into Arizona, work with Miller and have the opportunity to throw the ball to post season hungry, pro bowler, Larry Fitzgerald. It really is a perfect match for Sanchez and for the Cardinals, he may be the missing piece to a team that just falls short year after year.

The other team that I think could benefit from Sanchez is the Kansas City Chiefs.  This town is hungry for a quarterback and actually have gotten downright nasty about their feelings in regards to the current quarterbacks. I don't think the fit is as good as it would be in Arizona, but I do know that Sanchez could do wonders for the Chiefs. Dwayne Bowe has been stellar year after year no matter who throws to him, but with Sanchez at the helm, Bowe's production would skyrocket and make him the elite receiver he wants to be so badly. 

What both of these teams have in common is they both banked on back up quarterbacks that really weren't proven. Kevin Kolb had a couple of good games for Philly and was a hot commodity, Arizona thought he was the answer and he has been nothing short of average.   The Chiefs were heroes for snatching the Patriots back up, Matt Cassel who tore it up for New England in 2008 when Brady went down in the first game. Let's face it, anyone could have played behind that offensive line and done well, that was proven the moment Cassel stepped on the field in a Chiefs uniform, again, below average quarterback, high expectations, big letdown.

To sum it all up, either of these two teams would benefit from the real experience of Mark Sanchez and Mark Sanchez would flourish in these football hungry towns who would gladly take a chance on him.  I for one am rooting for Sanchez and can't wait to see where he lands next year.  He is not a backup quarterback yet and deserves the clean slate either one of these teams can offer him.