The New York Jets were coming off a Monday night high.  The Pittsburgh Steelers were coming off a four game losing streak low. 

Here are three things we have learned:

Still a rookie

Geno Smith played well last Monday night.  But he is a rookie.  He struggles with consistency.  So it was only fitting that this game he once again looked like a rookie.  Smith was 19-of-34 for 201 yards.  He also threw two interceptions in the red zone.  The second interception being a bad pass over the middle with 2:59 left in the game at the three yard line. 

Jets secondary

The Jets secondary was non-existent.  The Jets cannot expect Antonio Cromartie to carry the secondary for the entire season.  Against the Steelers, Cromartie was responsible for two tackles.  That was his entire stat line for the game. 

The question remains, has anyone seen or heard from first round pick Dee Milliner?

The Jets secondary was bad in a man-to-man coverage.  When was the last time the Jets secondary recorded an interception?  Hint: It is the fourth time this season the Jets failed to get a turnover. 

Jets run defense versus Jets running backs

Jets run defense was ranked second in the league.  Before the win against the Atlanta Falcons the Jets run defense was allowing 299 yards per game.  Against the Steelers the Jets allowed a miserly 73 rushing yards.  The held the  Steelers and rookie sensation Le'Veon Bell under wraps.  The Steelers running game averaged  2.8 yards a carry.  Bell himself was held to 2.1 yards a carry. 

The problem came with the Jets running game.  Leading running back Bilal Powell was held to 30 yards on nine carries.  Mike Goodson contributed 29 yards on four carries.  And new free agent Chris Ivory had 16 yards on four carries. 

It is evident the Jets need a running game.  They failed to have one Sunday against the Steelers.  It didn't help the team and it didn't help the rookie quarterback.

Another thing is important, the Jets still haven't had consecutive wins or losses. 

Which may prove beneficial for the next game.

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