GarrardThe rumor mill concerning the Jets has gotten rather interesting, yet slightly comical.

It has been reported that the New York Jets have been looking into procuring the services of two marginal quarterbacks, namely young journeyman Brady Quinn, or veteran quarterback David Garrard.

David Garrard has not been seen since he played 14 games in 2010 with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He has been out since then after tearing up his knee. 

However, he feels he is healthy and ready to get back out on the field and compete. Garrard was having a good season in 2010 before he went out with the injury; 64.5 completion percentage, 2,734 yards, 23 TDs, 15 INTs, 90.8 passer rating, is far more respectable than what current New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez can provide.

Nonetheless, Garrard is damaged goods and though he is deserving of the opportunity to get back on the football field, why would the Jets be interested in an aging quarterback like Garrard?

For that matter, why would the Jets be interested in the young nomad quarterback, Brady Quinn? Quinn has already played for three different teams in five years. His record as a starter is 4-16! Why would the Jets be interested in these two quarterbacks when there has to be better alternatives out there?

The answer is not that hard to figure out. The Jets organization is in ruins due to their bad investments. The 5-year, $58.25 million deal that they gave Mark Sanchez has the team handcuffed. They are being held hostage in a fiscal sense and can't afford to make a real upgrade to the most important position on the field.

Former Ggeneral manager Mike Tannenbaum left a huge mess for the new GM, John Idzik, to clean up. Because of the bad contract deal that was given to Sanchez, coupled with the fact that no one will trade for him and that cutting Sanchez will cost too much money against the cap, the Jets are stuck looking at quarterbacks like these as backups and or starter competition for their incumbent signal caller.

I guess it is true what they say, if you miss when you invest big dollars in a quarterback it could set your franchise back at least five years. Jets fans are going to see things get worse before they get better.