Jets This season Jacksonville Jaguars' EverBank Field is the place teams go to feel better about themselves. Home field advantage has not been so comfortable for the home team.

Without rhyme or reason the Jaguars get blown out at home, while playing it close on the road.  Don't get me wrong the Jaguars are still a 2-10 team. 

So why are the visiting New York Jets at 5-7 looking worse?

Bright lights, big city meets small market team. 

It is what bad movies are made of. What will this game provide? Three bold predictions:

1. With the Tebow magic gone, magic of EverBank Field will disappear for the Jets

The streak ends Sunday. The process of teams taking advantage of the Jaguars at home ends with the Jets. The Jaguars will turn the tables and beat the Jets by 10 points. 

2. Mark Sanchez will be benched before half time

Sanchez has put up two absolutely miserable performances. After stumbling and fumbling his way through the Thanksgiving game against the New England Patriots he was still named the starter for the next week. 

He rewarded that vote of confidence by going 10-for-21 with three interceptions. Finally he was benched. Not for Tim Tebow, who is suffering from broken ribs, but for third-stringer Greg McElroy.

McElroy rewarded that vote of confidence by throwing the only touchdown pass of the game. A game the Jets won 7-6. 

That, Sanchez, is how you reward confidence. Sanchez will not learn his lesson. McElroy will be the quarterback for the New York Jets by half time. 

3. Fourth-string running back, Montell Owens, will rush for more yards than Shonn Greene

The Jaguars are down to their fourth-string running back Owens. Fullback and former special teams Pro Bowler Owens will shred the Jets' running defense.

While the Jaguars' run defense ranks second to last in the NFL, giving up 144 yards per game, Greene will only gain 53 yards this game. And Owens will run for 151 yards and a touchdown. 

Tebow eclipsed by McElroy. Owens, instead of Maurice Jones-Drew, running with the Jaguars. It's a game for the "Who They?" to be bold. 

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