With the heavy investment that is Geno Smith, have the Jets finally found their knight in shining armor? Let's examine the quarterback situation for Gang Green for the past few seasons.

  • Traded third-round pick (2009) for Brett Farve
  • Traded fourth and sixth round (2012) picks for Tim Tebow
  • Traded first and second round pick (2009) for Mark Sanchez

John Idzik is the new general manager for the New York Jets and I like to give new folks a shot before criticizing them. I think people are jumping to quick on the blame game after this year's NFL Draft, after the New York Jets picked ANOTHER quarterback for the roster. Idzik will have to make some moves and major decisions before he puts in his franchise savior.

I'm not knocking Izdik on this because he didn't make all the quarterback mistakes in the past, and he, as a general manager, should be able to get his own quarterback if he thinks that's the guy he wants to plan the franchise around. Currently, the Jets have to deal with:

  • Mark Sanchez
  • David Garrard
  • Greg McElroy
  • Geno Smith

I think many folks around the NFL can agree with me when I say that Greg McElroy will probably be the first to be cut during the pre-season to cut the roster impact of quarterbacks to three. Tim Tebow has already been cut after the Jets drafted Geno Smith in the second round of this season's NFL draft.

Now, experts think that the Jets will cut Sanchez and start anew with Geno Smith. This means that they have wasted every trade for a quarterback this past decade. These picks could have been:

  • 1st round (2009) swapped for Sanchez: Percy Harvin, Clay Matthews, or plenty of others
  • 2nd round (2009) traded for Sanchez: LeSean McCoy
  • 3rd round (2009) traded for Farve: Brandon Tate or Mike Wallace
  • 4th round (2012) traded for Tebow: Blair Walsh

Many people understand that the Jets have wasted valuable time, picks, and resources on these quarterbacks and are growing impatient. With the New England Patriots constantly winning the division, NFL fans are starting to get bored and are rooting for Izdik so the AFC East can have some flair again.

New York Jets fans are loyal and will stick to their team, but it is defeating. Geno Smith MUST be their answer. The Jets didn't have a bad draft in 2013 so they have something to look forward to.

I personally do not know (and neither does anyone else) how Geno Smith will actually do but I think Izdik is taking the Carolina Panthers approach to this, which is: "I don't care if there are other holes in this team, I want a good quarterback now and will build the rest of my team around him." It seems to be a good strategy for the Panthers and will hopefully play out well for Izdik and the Jets.

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