Rex RyanHeading into the Bye week the New York Jets have too many questions to answer and it doesn't seem like they are prepared to answer those questions.

Starting at the quarterback position all the way to the punter, the Jets have more issues than most teams in the league.

Will they make the changes that need to be made or will they continue to try and tell us the same old answers?

When asked, Rex Ryan continues to answer, "Mark gives us the best chance to win."

We have probably heard that way too many times and it isn't working. If Sanchez gives you the best chance to win, then why in the Houston and New England game didn't Ryan let him give New York the chance to win the game, but better yet take it out of his hands completely?

Now I'm not saying that Sanchez would of brought the Jets down the field and win the game, but like Rex Ryan says, "chance to win." Well how can you say he gives you the best chance to win if you don't let him get the shot?

I'm not saying I believe in Sanchez or even Tebow for that matter, but at the same time it's been four years with Mark Sanchez and we have yet to see anything different than his rookie season. Completion percentage is among the worst in the NFL, tops in over and under throws and the "Deer in Headlights" look is still there.

I think its time, as much as it pains me to say, to give the reigns to Tebow and see what happens. If I was General Manager, I'd probably be fired after this season the way its looking, but why not Tebow Time?

He's not the answer but neither is Mark Sanchez. Give Tebow a shot and just see what happens, he did turn around the Broncos last year so he must be doing something right, but still Sanchez should not be your guy going forward. Unfortunately the Jets decided to give him a contract extension, which I have no idea why, but he's just not good enough to get it done. The Jets have eight games left, what else do you got to lose at this point.

There is not much change the Jets can make on the offensive line or running backs or wide receivers, but for some reason they are all awful. The offensive line can't open holes, Shonn Greene is too slow and besides Kerley and Keller, they have no one else to throw to.

Once again the name sticks, unfortunately not the ball, to "Stone Hands" Stephen Hill, which on my radio show since Week 2 of this season was calling for Plax, is just not ready for the NFL yet. Jury is still out on Hill but it's not looking good so far.

Whether or not it's Sanchez or Sparano, Which was the worst of all off-season pickups, why do the Jets never throw a bomb down the field. I mean it takes the Jets about 4-6 minutes to move down the field compared to a Giants team in which they can score in 17 seconds, Why?

Because they throw the ball down field and take a chance. Tim Tebow is actually a better thrower when throwing down field compared to the 5-to-10-yard pass, but like I said he's not the answer but can maybe make this team a little better.

I'm afraid to talk about this "Best Defense" according to Rex Ryan. How bad they have played this season. They are 29th, yes 29th, in rush defense. Are You kidding me?? A Rex Ryan defense is 29th in rush defense, the one constant that has been the past three years is ranked 29th.

Awful, terrible, ugly -- too many words to describe that rush defense. Whose to blame and what can you change? Well for one thing, you drafted Couples instead of Chandler Jones who seems to be playing great in New England. Mo Wilkerson made a little progress since the Colts game but still not living up to expectations.

Harris and company in the linebacking corps are missing tackles left and right and the opposing running backs are finding holes you and I can run through. As we all know the Jets won't make any changes, instead Rex thinks the team needs a whole week off....are you serious???

Our team got embarrassed by the Dolphins and you think you need a week off??? Rex Ryan's job should be on the line for the next eight games and I think if this team has anything to prove the time is now.

The secondary has played well without Revis, but still can't cover tight ends and Kyle Wilson is slowly starting to get exposed as we saw him get beat by I believe the fourth-string wide receiver for the Dolphins. Landry and Cromartie have stepped up big time in Revis' absence but it takes 11 guys on defense not two.

The New York Jets have been tops in special teams play for as long as some can remember, It was almost a non-issue every season, until now. Looks like all good things must come to an end and with Westoff leaving at the end of the season some may ask, has he already checked out?

Two weeks in a row the Jets' special teams play has been horrendous. Besides Malone and Folk this special teams has been the worse I've seen since watching the Jets in 1993. Unfortunately Tebow wasn't the answer as a punt protector so maybe he can help at what he does -- win games.

We all know the Jets won't make any changes. We all know Rex will continue to say Mark is our guy. We all know week in and week out they will try and talk about the Wildcat, which is AWFUL. We all know the Jets will continue to try and steal headlines and try and get the back pages rather than shut-up and play football.

It's funny because it seems like every time Rex and company decides to trash talk heading into a game. They get embarrassed. 

Mark Sanchez is not the guy. Give Tebow a chance, like you say about Sanchez. "Gives you the best chance to win." How do you know Tebow doesn't if you don't let him play?

Nothing you can change besides play-calling and also dial up more blitzes or something, among worst in NFL in pressure and sacks, what do you got to lose???

You already are losing critical games take a chance, because who knows The New York Jets could make a splash this year, I'm not saying they will, but there's always a "Chance."