The New York Jets had two weeks to prepare for the Seattle Seahawks.  Perhaps someone forgot to tell them when the bye week ended. 

It would be easy to pick the superficial heroes and zeroes of the games.  CenturyLink Field being the 12th man has helped the Seahawks maintain their 5-0 home record.  It would be easy to give the hero to the crowd.

Mark Sanchez was the fourth best passer on the field.  He was behind Russell Wilson, Golden Tate and his teammate Tim Tebow.  Sanchez threw his fourth red-zone interception.  And he fumbled while being sacked. It would be easy to give Sanchez the zero award.

But lets go beyond the obvious.


This was a toss-up between Marshawn Lynch and Golden Tate.  Lynch edged out Tate by a Skittle. 

After Lynch's fumble, he rebounded.  Lynch had 27 carries for 124 yards and one touchdown.  He ended the day with 1,005 yards for the season.  While the Jets' offense was inept, their defense played a formidable game for three quarters.  Lynch's yards were hard fought.  And he won. 

Congratulations on making the 1,000 yard mark, 10 weeks in the season.  For his steadiness and his ability to rebound, Lynch is the hero of the game.


Ah, Jets and your bravado.  Antonio Cromartie and your predictions and proclamations.  Rex Ryan and the promises of Gang Green's ascension.  And then of course the kid of hope Tim Tebow.

And then there is Mark Sanchez and his woeful ineptness.  Against the Seahawks, Sanchez was 9 of 22 passes for 124 yards.  He fumbled.  And he threw his fourth red-zone interception.  And yet he is still not the zero of the game

That distinction goes to offensive coordinator Tony Sparano.  Sparano replaced Brian Schottenheimer as New York Jets offensive coordinator.  Schottenheimer was widely blame for Sanchez's ineptness last year.  Maybe someone should rethink that?

The excitement of Sparano was compounded because he is the architect of the Wildcat.  He ran it to perfection while with the Miami Dolphins.  Since preseason we have been waiting with barely contained anticipation for what Sparano would draw up for the Jets. 

The wait is over.  Against the Seahawks even the announcers were calling the plays Tebow would run when he came in.  The offensive calls are clearly not helping Sanchez maximize his assets. 

Sparano's offense disappoints.  And for that he is the zero of the game, if not the season. 

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