Geno SmithWhen Rex Ryan began being Jets head coach, his team was winning and winning consistently.

Despite missing the Super Bowl twice, the team had a lot of fans and experts believing that the franchise was heading for greatness.

But after the second AFC title game loss to the Steelers in the 2010-11 season, the team went sideways on vision.

While the Giants won their second Super Bowl in five seasons, the team gambled with new players and tried mixing chemistry with Tim Tebow as a backup to Mark Sanchez.

That experiement failed and Sanchez lost his job as starting quarterback to Geno Smith.

For the begining of the this season it seemed like Rex Ryan and the Jets were taking too many risks and gambling too much with new talent.

Well even though this is only the first half of the season, the Jets are looking like a team that can win in any game against any team in the country. 

While a penalty gave Jets kicker Nick Folk another chance to kick the winning field goal in overtime, Gang Green fought for everything in their win against the Patriots this past Sunday.

They held back most of the length of throws Tom Brady was passing and stifled much to the running game in Rob Gronkowski's season debut. But the biggest improvement has been on defense. The Jets have one of the best rushing defenses in the NFL and they've sent a message to every team they face this season that they are no push over.

Geno Smith's stellar play this season along with a stout defense has given new life to Rex Ryan's tenure as Jets head coach. When this season began, many NFL experts predicted that this season would be all about Ryan and that if the team didn't play well he'd be fired.

Well since the Jets are off to a better-than-expected start, chances are good that Ryan will be head coach again after next season. And the franchise is grabbing the headlines from the struggling Giants for the right reasons as well as living up to the hype that isn't so hyped up this time.