The New Orleans Saints came marching into MetLife Stadium.  The Jets halted the Saints forward progress resulting in an improbable win. 

Five things we learned:

Patterns do matter

This game was full of patterns that stood the test: 

Rex Ryan remains undefeated by his brother.  He now stands 5-0 in the sibling rivalry.

The Jets still have not lost two consecutive games. 

Geno Smith plays well in odd numbered weeks.

Chris Ivory is alive and well

There were some questions regarding Ivory's status after last week's poor showing.  Have no fear Jets' fans Ivory is alive and well.  Did he just need a little extra motivation?  It doesn't matter, results matter and Ivory's results?

He completed the game with 18 rushes for 139 yards and a touchdown.  Welcome Back Mr. Ivory.

That sound you hear is all those fantasy owners who dropped you hitting their heads against the wall.

Nick Folk is unstoppable

There was a rumour that Folk was in a kickers battle during preseason.  Really?  There is someone better than Folk?  Not presently. 

Folk has not missed a field goal.

Sunday against the Saints he kept his team alive.  Folk was 4-for-4.  His longest was 47 yards.  And he added two PATs.  Kickers are people too.  Sometimes they are even superhuman. 

Geno Smith can manage a game against a good defense

This wasn't your last year's Saints defense.  This year the Saints defense came in ranked fourth in the league in turnover margins and first in the NFC in sacks. 

The defense left the game having sacked Smith twice.  That was exactly 1.4 times less under their average per game.

They also had zero turnovers.  Yes, Smith did not fumble the ball one time.  And more importantly he did not throw any interceptions.  Zero interceptions for Smith was two less interceptions than Drew Brees threw.

Jets Defense is Formidable

The Jets defense outplayed the Saints.  They outplayed the Saints offense, causing Brees to throw two interceptions.  They also sacked Brees twice.

The front seven held the Saints rushing game to 41 yards. No Saints running back accumulated more than 25 rushing yards.

The also managed to contain the Saints passing game. 

Yes, Jimmy Graham had 116 yards and two touchdowns, but come on he isn't human.  And besides he is the only receiver who had more than 95 receiving yards.  Against the Saints, that is formidable.

The Jets beat the Saints. 

We learned the Jets are unpredicatble, sometimes in a very good way. 

The Jets are now 5-4.  We learned there may be a football team in New York after all.

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