Two seasons ago, the New York Jets best overall player, Darrelle Revis, refrained from attending training camp in the attempt of winning a new contract. Eventually, he received his new deal worth 46 million dollars for four-years, but with Revis already earning 30 million dollars of that contract, the All-Pro corner could threaten to holdout again this summer.

Revis is, however, in somewhat of a bind as it states in his current contract that if he misses any mandatory workouts, he is subjected to a three-year extension worth only nine million dollars. That would make Revis drastically underpaided and unable to file for free agency until after the 2016 season.

If this contract dispute continues into late July and August, many fingers will be pointed at both the Jets and Revis for failing to reach amends. Someone who should also take much of the blame would be head coach Rex Ryan.

The verbose Ryan often talks about how great his players are, praising them to give them confidence and often big egos. Then, Jet players take these egos into the contract discussions with the front office and expect more than their worth.

Ryan can also be faulted for sometimes placing individual players over the good of the team. In his last holdout, Ryan spoke about doing everything possible to get Revis back including going to his house during practice. Stopping practice and running all the Jet players to Revis’ house may be a funny picture, but it ultimately says “We can’t play without him”.

Can anyone imagine Ryan's counterpart in New York, the two-time Super Bowl winning head coach Tom Coughlin saying something like that? The Giants wouldn’t get hung up on one player, they would do their best to move on especially when the situation is not in their control.

As he enters his fourth season with the New York Jets, Ryan may be becoming a smarter coach as he told Michael Kay he wouldn’t predict a Super Bowl this season. He admitted last season’s prediction may have even hurt the team.

“I think if it gave an opponent fuel to the fire then obviously that was a mistake,” said Ryan according to NBC Sports. “If it put undue pressure on our team then that was a mistake. Certainly I didn’t want to do it, I wanted to put — coming off back-to-back championship games all that’s left is the Super Bowl. And I thought by guaranteeing that, it would put the arrows on me. Now granted it did, but it also put arrows on our players and I didn’t want that.”

Maybe Revis and the Jets’ front office can learn from their previous experiences, as head coach Rex Ryan has, and finally come to peace in contract negotiations.