Geno SmithThe New York Jets travel to HotLanta to meet the cold Atlanta Falcons. The Jets are a 9.5 point underdog. It's Monday night, it's Jon Gruden, and it's the Jets. 

No matter, here are five reasons you will watch the game.

1. "They are who we thought they were"

The Atlanta Falcons are a disappointing 1-3. The New York Jets are a surprising 2-2. Which team is what we thought they were? 

2. Clash of the Titans

It is strength against strength. 

The Jets rank second in defense in the NFL. But more importantly they rank ninth in in the NFL in pass defense.

The Falcons are third in the NFL in passing offense. 

Who will give?

3. "You play to win the game"

It appears when it matters, Falcons coach Mike Smith plays not to lose. This is a prime time game for a team who until now is underachieving. At 1-3, the Falcons lag behind division leader New Orleans Saints who are 4-0. The Falcons need this win. 

They need to play to win the game.

4. Runner, Runner

The Jets depend on their running game to propel the offense. Feature back Bilal Powell is averaging 4.4 yards per carry. He will have to perform. The Falcons rank eighth in the NFL in run defense. 

5. "Come on Man"

Geno Smith, the Jets' quarterback will be the real reason you watch. It is clear Rex Ryan's future in in the hands of his rookie quarterback. Four games in the season and his future is on a roller coaster ride. Smith can be good.  And he can be frustratingly bad.

So far this season he has thrown four touchdowns and eight interceptions. 

In Monday night's matchup, he will be without Santonio Holmes and Stephen Hill. This further limits Smith's option. Not a great scenario for a quarterback known to falter on the road. 

Is Smith in for a multiple interceptions niht? Or can he hold it together and give Ryan one more week of optimism?