Rex Ryan The New York Jets have been a side show circus and the topic of many NFL jokes, but their direction will change in 2013.  

Look at some recent changes that have occurred in the Jets' organization; Tim Tebow has taken his media show to New England, Darrelle Revis was traded to Tampa Bay, and rookies were drafted to fill much needed positions.

Last season was hard for Mark Sanchez to concentrate around the Tebow show, regardless of how little playing time Tim Tebow had.

While fans don't expect any quality play out of Sanchez, with less distractions off the field, he will have a much better season. With a history of little play at USC, Sanchez might have fear of not starting games. Sanchez only played in 22 games in three seasons at Southern Cal, but now he will be in the drivers' seat with a clear mind.

Tim Tebow, gone from the Jets, makes the difference in one statistic for Sanchez - interceptions. Not since his rookie year, at QB for the Jets, has Mark Sanchez thrown more interceptions than TDs until last season. Sanchez will throw less picks in 2013 than any other season played for the Jets. I've always said it's not the yards nor the completions that make a champion; it's being mistake-free and managing the game.

Overpaid players can take away from the balance of a team, plus not having a Darrelle Revis will keep the Jets focused going into camp. The only island that Revis needs to be on is his own. With Revis gone, the Jets will have talent ready to replace him such as Dee Milliner.

Unlike Jay Cutler and Tony Romo, I have sympathy for Sanchez because of the lack of support. The New York Jets' organization has made the right moves for the good of the team - not for a publicity stunt. Dee Milliner is just one example of rookie talent coming in for the Jets.

The offensive line was important on draft day with these rookie linemen being drafted: Oday Aboushi (Virginia), Will Campbell (Michigan), Dalton Freeman (Clemson), Brian Winters (Kent State), and Mark Popek out of (South Florida).

The other key area to help Sanchez was the wideout position. The Jets picked up 6'3", 233-pound Marcus Davis (Virginia Tech), Zach Rogers (Tennessee), and K.J. Stroud (Bethune-Cookman).

My prediction: The New York Jets will have 10 wins and reach the divisional round of the AFC playoffs.

Sweetheart's Stuff  

I'm sure Little Timmy Tebow had a higher calling in life than to stay in that nasty, rude city of New York. As far as this rehabilitation your talking about, call Dr. Drew.