Dallas quarterback Tony Romo loves losing to the New York Giants. Romo's gone looking for a slump-buster, but can't seem to score. The last time the Cowboys' QB won against the Giants was back in 2008.

Romo has managed to lose five straight games to the Super Bowl champion Giants.

Losing five in a row to any team is an embarrassment.

Primarily, consecutive losses to the same team signals a troubling problem with Romo's ability to overcome mental obstacles.  

On paper, Romo looks Canton bound. And on paper, communism looks promising. However, the reality paints a very different picture. Romo threw for 4,184 total yards and 31 touchdowns in 2011. And those empty stats did nothing to help the Cowboys beat the Giants.

Romo possesses the mental maturity of an infant llama. He continues to fold under the pressure of big games. His lack of confidence in do-or-die situations will endure until the Cowboys bring in a Super Bowl-winning coach. Putting veterans around Romo with winning playoff experience could be a viable option as well.

The Giants were unstoppable last season with their backs against the wall. They crushed the Cowboys on the last game of the season in 2011. The Giants' 31-14 victory allowed them in to the playoffs, where they destroyed everything in their path. 

Destruction simply doesn't seem plausible for the Cowboys. They failed to make the playoffs the last two seasons. The Cowboys have a much better shot of making it to the postseason in 2012, but don't look for them to destroy anyone. Luckily, the Giants and Cowboys face off early in the year. Although every divisional game is important, the Cowboys' sky shouldn't be falling before Week 8 of the season.

The Cowboys and the Giants open the season Wednesday September 5, 2012 on NBC at 8:30 PM (ET). The odds are Romo won't be busting his slump that night.