Eli ManningBarring the explosion of the cities of Philadelphia and Dallas, neither of these teams will make it to the playoffs, and that can take a sense of urgency out of a game.

Of course, that sense of urgency, or self respect, or whatever has been gone from both of these teams several games ago.

The Giants stink and so do the Redskins, thus anything I could come up with that would be positive would be rendered immaterial by the aforementioned smellyness.

These teams need serious help.

1.The Giants' offensive line is pathetic.

They can't pass block or run block.The Skins' defense is savagely terrible, useless on a biblical level. They shut down Andre Brown and the run game and harrassed Eli all night, sacking him five times. As bad as Washington is, they were still wrecking havoc on the Giants' sieve-like unit.

2. Robert Griffin played OK.

The numbers weren't jaw dropping, but there we A LOT of dropped passes. I mean, the guy can't catch it too. He also ran well, which means despite Dr. Ahmad Brook's diagnosis...He is gonna stay out there and run some too. He still wore the angry pouty face when they were behind, or on offense, or whatever...better than Manning-Face.

3. Andre Brown looked slow.

Even on his long touchdown. Hillis looked more explosive. When a guy who's name includes the modifier, "Washed up"has more burst than you, you should worry.Unless you are injured.....again.

4. Eli and Justin Tuck both had good games.

As stated before, this does not count because they were playing Washington. Beat the Seahawks in two weeks and we will talk. Hell, beat the Chargers next week. Thats a start.

5. Like I said last week -- Mike Shanahan -- Dead Man Walking.

The Redskins' offense put up 95 total yards in the second half. The Giants' defense cannot make those kind of adjustments. They aren't that good. It's time to go.