The Philadelphia Eagles will take on the New York Giants at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday evening in what is sure to be the game of the week.

With a three-way tie for first place in the NFC East, neither team will go down easy. The Eagles are coming off of a disheartening loss to the now 3-0 Arizona Cardinals, while the Giants are coming off of a huge blowout against the Carolina Panthers.

Michael Vick Which team will come out on top? Which Michael Vick will we see? Will Nick Foles see playing time? Will the Giants' D send Vick to the sidelines?

Here's what I think:

1. New York Giants Record Over Three Sacks

Going into Week 4, I am 6/9 in my "three bold predictions" that i do every week.

To ensure at least one correct prediction this week, i'm getting an obvious one out of the way. Michael Vick will certainly be tasting quite a bit of turf come Sunday night.

Last week against the Arizona Cardinals, Vick was sacked five times, and hit a ridiculous 20 times. If he can't stay on his feet against the Cardinals, how in the world will he keep up with the league-best Giants' defensive line?

King Dunlap is making a return at left tackle for the Eagles offensive line, but Dallas Reynolds is still under center, and wasn't exactly remarkable last week against Arizona.

If Vick were to ever get injured in a game this season, surely it's this one.

2. Michael Vick Throws At Least Two INTS, Fumbles Once

God please let me be wrong on this prediction.

I'm very superstitious when it comes to being a fan, so even writing that down was hard for me.

Michael Vick is off to a terrible start in 2012. Though the Eagles sit at 2-1, Vick has been the primary reason they deserve to be 0-3.

Vick has six interceptions and five fumbles in only three games into the 2012 season. He may have not thrown any interceptions last week, but he didn't throw a touchdown either. So far Vick has over 900 yards through the air, and is on his way to his first 4,000-yard season if he keeps throwing the way he is.

Unfortunately, he'll probably record somewhere in the realm of 28 interceptions and fumble maybe 20 times in the process. The Giants will surely have their share of turnovers caused against the Eagles.

That's not the only problem with Vick holding the ball all game. Pro-Bowler LeSean McCoy has only seen the ball 58 times this season, including a season-low 13 times last week. Vick very well may play his way out of a job, and hinder McCoy's impact in the process. 

3. Nick Foles Sees Playing Time

Another one I hope I'm wrong about.

Don't get me wrong, like I've said time and time again, I love Foles. I just don't like the idea of him finishing out the 2012 season only three games in.

However, If Michael Vick were to have a disaster of a game again (knock on wood) rookie Nick Foles would surely see the field.

Foles has been hot on Vick's tail since Andy Reid announced "the door is open" when being asked about a possible quarterback change. If it were to happen, it would surely headline NFL talk for several weeks to come.

The only way Foles see's playing time is by Vick under-performing, or injury, which like I said, could very well happen this Sunday evening.

I am fortunate enough to be able to be sitting in the stands come Sunday night. Hopefully I will not be at two games in a row, and witness in-person two losses in a row by my beloved Eagles. 

With all these predictions I have made, I would be a fool to pick the Eagles to win. Then again, these are BOLD predictions right? 

Eagles find a way to win despite another mistake plagued game. Let the quarterback controversy begin: 20-17 Eagles