ESPN conducted their latest poll of America's Team this past May of 2012. When Football Nation's voters re-examined the results, they reverted back to last February.

The Dallas Cowboys, the inspiration for our bracket, were deemed the most popular by 8.8 percent of the country - a title they have respectfully trademarked and skeptically maintained since the 1970s. Jerry Jones, however, managed to choke in the Playoffs yet again, succumbing to the New York Giants and their polarizing Big Apple market in the Divisional Round.

The Giants originally were tied for third in the league with the Pittsburgh Steelers, receiving 7.1 percent of the voting. The Black and Yellow fell to New England (who garnered 6.8 percent) in last week's Conference Championship Round.

Feel free to revisit the development of our Tournament from its humble beginning.

They were two familiar match-ups this passing week. From his sensational rookie campaign to now, Ben Roethlisberger's overall body of work and his sandwich ultimately conceded to the wondrous Tom Brady and Bill Belichick's dynasty of the early 2000s. Eli Manning, meanwhile, continued his newfound elite status amongst the public with his "third" postseason victory at the processed-milk-infested Lambeau Field.

We are five completed seasons into what has become one of the top-tier rivalries in the NFL today, and certainly the greatest current cross-conference enmity. Back in Week 17 of 2007, New York impressively took the record-setting and unbeaten Patriots to the wire, only to fall by a short score of 38-35. David Tyree and the Big Blue's pass rush would manifest the Giants into arguably the best underdog story in the sport's history, in Super Bowl XLII.

The teams would meet in the 2011 regular season with identical 5-2 records, and the Giants were triumphant again with another patented Eli Manning fourth-quarter touchdown drive. In Super Bowl XLVI, it was Chase Blackburn, Ahmad Bradshaw, Mario Manningham, and scapegoated drops by New England receivers that potentially instigated a second Boston Tea Party.

As one-sided as the series appears to be so far, the east coast war has been passionately even, as both sides have been loved or hated, but taken regardless. Subtle beef has been shared between two classier clubs. Preseason calendar dates have been marked. Empathy for Wes Welker and the combating pedigrees of younger Manning and Brady are a few of the topics that have been heavily debated. The relationships of college roommates were unfortunately never the same.

Bragging rights in this next phase of the rivalry will be determined by the fans.

Polls for "America's Super Bowl  Team" will close Tuesday June 26th, so remember to vote either in the form of a comment below or by visiting The Italian Trojan's Facebook page. Without further ado...

Super Bowl

America's Team: (5) New York Giants or (2) New England Patriots?

No matter who wins, we could very well be witnessing the Dallas Cowboys-Pittsburgh Steelers of the 21st century.