Michael BoleyThe long anticipated season opener of the NFL fell flat of many expectations, especially those from New York and their faithful fans. 

The first half of this football game looked more like a preseason opener than a season opener. 

The play was extremely sloppy on both sides of the ball for each team, and there were numerous "dumb" penalties committed by both teams. 

At the end of the game, the Cowboys were simply the better team. The Giants could not run the ball, their sure-handed receivers could not catch the ball, and the defensive front could not get consistent pressure on Tony Romo. 

Occasionally in a game, you'll have issues with one of these factors, but when you struggle with all of these phases of the game, you're guaranteed to lose. 

But the Giants still had a chance with over two minutes left in the game, and had the Cowboys forced into a third down and ten. 

All the Giants' defense needed to do was get one stop and they could get the ball back with a chance to tie the game. 

But just before the two-minute warning, Tony Romo hits Kevin Ogletree on a slant route (which was the theme of the night) to pick up a first down. 

The Giants had used up all of their timeouts so all the Cowboys needed to do was run the clock down and secure the victory. 

I watched the entire game and couldn't remember hearing Justin Tuck or Osi Umenyiora's names once. They were a complete non-factor in this game, and that's not good news for the Giants considering they were playing a make shift offensive line. 

Eli Manning did all he could do to try and mount a comeback, but his receivers could not get separation, and when they did they dropped pass after pass. 

So what does this mean going forward for both teams? The Giants lose a home game against a division rival which is huge, but it's a long season and the Giants turn it on when they need to. 

This game has bigger impact for the Cowboys. They finally proved they were able to close a game out. 

DeMarco Murray is a large part of this because he is an effective runner who can pick up yards in chunks and run the clock down. 

Kevin Ogletree looks like a real threat as the third option. If all of these guys play to potential on offense, this could be a scary team this season.