The New York Giants GM Jerry Reese will be entering the off season with the opportunity to turn the Giants back into the powerhouse of the NFC east. To do so, Reese must develop a new approach and be more aggressive in free agency. With nearly $17.5m in cap space possibly available, Reese can increase that amount by voiding out current contracts. I have put together a list of the top 5 players who are under contract and who the Giants should void to increase their cap space.

Voided Contracts:

  1. Chris Snee (OG): The former All –Pro has become a shell of his former self and is at the top of my list. Injuries have taken its toll on Snee who is currently rehabbing from hip surgery. Snee is due to make $7,250M in 2014; which could place him as the highest paid guard in 2014.  The odds of Snee returning to All-Pro status is very unlikely and for that; the Giants would be wise to release him.   
  2. David Baas (C): Baas is another OL who has suffered a number of injuries during his short career with the Giants. As a Giant, Baas was a solid run blocker, but struggled in pass protection. Bass has 2 more years on this contract with salaries of $1,775M (2014) and $5,250M in 2015. The decision to release Baas now is purely based on the fact that Baas has regressed over the last 2 seasons.
  3. Brandon Myers (TE): Although the Giants inked Myers to a 4 year contract; the stipulation was that Myers was on a 1 year deal and needed to produce to warrant the remaining 3 years at $4M per. With that being said, I don’t believe that Myers has proven to the Giants organization he’s worth the remaining 3 years. Releasing Myers now would only cost them the original signing bonus and give the Giants additional money for other needs. Also, the Giants are very high on Adrien Robinson and Larry Donnell.
  4. Cory Webster (CB): Webster’s last best season was in 2011 as the last couple of years have been marred with injuries and inconsistent play. The Giants should release Webster; which would save them $1M and move on. Although the cornerback position is still a major weakness for the Giants, keeping Webster on the roster with a $1M tag would not make sense.
  5. Mathias Kiwanuka (DE/OLB): Kiwanuka has had an up and down career; perhaps the changing of positions is partly to blame. Although Kiwanuka’s has 2 years remaining on his contract (2014 $1,800M and 2015 4,825M) cap savings would be only $1,800M for the upcoming season, however; in 2015 the savings would be greatly higher at $4,825M. With Jason Pierre Paul and Prince Amukamara eligible for free agency after the 2015 season, that additional money will come in handy. Also, releasing Kiwanuka early also gives Damontre Moore the opportunity to develop.

The obvious name left off my list is Antrel Rolle and for good reason. Aside from him having arguably his best season as a Giant, Rolle has emerged as a leader for the Giants and with the uncertainty of Stevie Brown (recovering for season ending injury) and the personal problems of Will Hill, the Giants will need to hold onto to him until these questions are answered. Now it’s quite possible that Brown gets a clean bill of health by the Giants medical staff and Hill becomes a model citizen. If so, then it is likely that the
Giants will first ask Rolle to re-construct his contract and if Rolle refuses; the Giants could either seek a trade or release him.  Next Up: Who should the Giants re-sign?