In the 2009 NFL Draft, the New York Giants drafted a gifted; but raw WR out of Cal Poly in the 3rdround. Standing 6’6 and weighing 227 pounds, the Giants organization felt that they had found a diamond in the rough and a steal. That player’s name is Ramses Barden who has yet to emerge as the standout WR the Giants had projected. With the 100% certainty of Mario Manningham opting out for free agency, the Giants are in need of a competent replacement to compliment Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz.

Many in the organization are torn, as some feel that Barden may not be the answer; while others still have high hopes.  Thus far in his three year career as a Giant, Barden has a total of 15 receptions for 174 yards. Last season, Barden collected 9 receptions and 94 yards, a little more than half of his career totals. These numbers do not suggest optimism, however; I am one who believes that Barden can become that 3rdreceiver for Eli Manning and an equal threat that Manningham was.  

The main concerns regarding Barden had been his inability to stay healthy throughout his career and also his inconsistency in catching the ball.  With the NFL draft a little over a month away, the Giants will need to decide if Barden is the answer or not. My guess is that the Giants will draft a WR somewhere between the 4thand 7throunds; regardless of their perception of Barden. With an open competition in mind for that 3rdreceiver, the Giants are hoping that Barden will emerge and take advantage of this opportunity and give the Giants another potent weapon.