New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin is facing a big dilemma this upcoming season. He’s not only have pressure of being a head coach in a big market city like New York but the team is expecting excellence and that means a playoff appearance. For a head coach that just turned 68 years old on Sunday this might just be too much to handle.

Coach Tom Coughlin’s walk is a bit different this season as you can see he’s making everyone accountable for their actions on-and-off the field. Not saying he wasn’t doing it before and we all know him to be a strong disciplinarian. But with the two Super Bowl wins many thought that he got a bit soft on the players. But I’m here to say we will see a different Tom Coughlin and New York team this season.

Many have written off Eli Manning and the New York Giants to be anything but a average team that won’t win the NFC East. We could just be underestimating the excellence of Eli Manning and what he’s done for this organization. Have we forgot that this quarterback still has a strong arm and can make the deep throw to his favorite weapon WR Victor Cruz. Or that the New York Giants defense will come back to life and rush the passer like we’ve known them to do.

I can understand where all the pressure is coming from. The New York Giants haven’t been to the playoffs in the past two seasons and the fans are frustrated. But they can still have in the back of their minds that we beat Tom Brady and the New England Patriots twice in the Super Bowl  within the past six years. That’s something to be real proud about being a New York Giants fan.

Tom Coughlin has a record of 90-70 since he took over the team 10 years ago. He’s still considered one of the best coaches in the league even though he hasn’t been to the playoffs consistently since 2004. One can just imagine how many more years Coughlin can coach this team or even in the league. He’s the oldest coach currently in the NFL.

The New York Giants understand the pressure that’s on them and on there head coach and I don’t think they want to let themselves down and especially the man that’s calling the plays. They need to come out and compete every game and leave it all out on the field. Hopefully this season we won’t see a lot of drop balls and fumbles on the offensive side.

If it was up to Tom Coughlin he will coach another five to ten years in this league but if this team doesn’t get the job done we just might see him retire.