David Wilson With David Wilson recovering from neck surgery and the uncertainty of his return and with only Michael Cox under contract; the Giants will most likely acquire a RB in the draft or in free agency.

With that in mind, I have assembled the top six RBs the Giants could have interest in this offseason.

Pending free agent Andre Brown will most likely be re-signed by the Giants (at the right price), nonetheless; the Giants would still need to add another capable RB.

My criteria will be past performance, potential, age and health issues.

1. Ben Tate, Texans, Age 26

Tate’s rookie season was ended quickly in 2010; giving backup RB Arian Foster the opportunity to start and the rest was history.

Regardless, Tate is a very gifted RB and will be sort after by many teams in need of a RB. Tate has had a history of assorted injuries and he has been viewed as injury-prone. This could lower his price tag and if so, a team willing to give Tate the opportunity could benefit extremely well. Tate’s style of play suits well in the Giants' offense, especially with new OC Ben McAdoo.

2. Knowshon Moreno, Broncos, Age 27:

Moreno has had a very solid season in Denver in a platoon system alongside Montee Ball. Moreno has also had the injury bug throughout his short career, which should be a red flag. Again, this can also lower his price tag and if he deems fit (healthy) and shows his willingness to compete. Moreno can be a productive back for the Giants in a platoon role.

3. LeGarrette Blount, Patriots, Age 27:

Blount has turned his career around with the Patriots. In 2013, Blount averaged 5.0 yards per carry and his north and south physical style gave the Patriots a different dimension. Issues with Blount have always been attitude, however; under coach Belichick that was never an issue. Blount is a younger version of Brandon Jacobs and if the Giants believe that Blount has turned the corner on all levels and the price is right. The Giants could make the Meadowlands his new home.

4. Rashad Jennings, Raiders, Age 29

Jennings performed very well with the Raiders and actually out-performed Darren McFadden by a wide margin. The question concerning many about Jennings is simply is he a one hit wonder or is he an emerging RB in the NFL? At 29, this could hinder many teams from seeking his services this offseason as a featured RB. However, if the price is righ,t would he be worth a look?

5. James Starks, Packers, Age 28

Now this seems like a possible match for the Giants as new OC Ben McAdoo knows James Starks very well. Starks averaged 5.5 yards per game as Eddie Lacy's backup and could be a solid addition for the Giants in a RB by committee system. 

6. Maurice Jones-Drew, Jaguars, Age 29

Jones-Drew has been such a steady and productive back in the NFL for a number of years and for the most part, a bad team in the Jaguars. This past season was Jones-Drew worse season in terms of production as other variables play a part such as: (1) running behind one of the worse OL in league. (2) Opposing teams focusing on him and stacking the box. Another concern that should be considered was the severe injury Jones-Drew suffered in 2012. Regardless, I believe Jones-Drew still has a couple of solids years still in him and in the right situation (platoon system) Jones-Drew can have a bounce back season in 2014.

Again, the Giants could address the RB situation through the draft as well. If not, there are a number of suitable RBs in free agency that can help the Giants and give them a better running game in 2014. Next Up: Free Agent Tight Ends.