Justin Pugh The New Giants entered the 2013 NFL Draft with glaring needs at DE/CB/LB/OL/RB. With the 19th pick in the 1st round, they were assured of selecting not only a player of need, but a player of ability as well.

This was a very important draft for the New York Giants organization; one that could affect their place in the NFC East for years to come.

Historically, Gm Jerry Reese has had a successful track record as the Giants' GM on draft day, so why should this draft being any different. 

Unfortunately for some unknown reason that I still can’t grasp, Jerry Reese just might have set the Giants back with his selections.

As the draft unfolded, all the pieces were falling perfectly for the Giants as each round had targeted players still available to be selected.

Unfortunately, Reese ignored these signs and selected players as if he was blind-folded crossing the street. I will now dissect each round that unfolded and show what Reese should have done instead.

Round 1: With many prospects still on the board such as: (CB) Desmond Trufant (CB), Xavier Rhodes, (S) Matt Elam, (DL) Sharrif Floyd, Bjoern Werner,  Datone Jones (OLB) Alec Ogletree) Reese selects OT Justin Pugh at No. 19.

Pugh is a solid OT and should have a productive NFL career. However; with so many players rated much higher still on the board that also fill needs; why the selection of Pugh?

The Giants could have selected an OT in the 3rd through 5th rounds that were just as gifted as Pugh.

Round 2: As the 2nd round unfolded and the Giants' selection was approaching; still on the board were (CB) Dave Amerson, (DE) Margus Hunt, (ILB) Arthur Brown. All players that filled a need and also were rated high on scouts' draft charts.

So what does Reese do; he selects DT Johnathan Hankins, who was rated lower than the three mentioned above. With seven DT already signed on the roster, Reese adds another one into the mix. Most NFL teams keep four DT on the roster, so chances of Hankins securing a roster spot is not likely.

Round 3: At this point, I was basically lost for words and puzzled by the first two picks; and I was not alone. Many of my colleagues passed along their disbelief as well. So when Reese selected DE Damonte Moore with the 81st pick in the 3rd round, I felt a little bit more at ease. Moore does have issues, but his potential and upside was worth the selection; especially since Moore was projected to go late 1st to early 2nd rounds.

Round 4: This is the round and the moment that will forever be embedded in my mind as one of the worst decisions by Jerry Reese. What made this even worse was the fact that Reese actually traded up and surrendered a pick.

Let me rewind a little bit here for a moment; when I heard that a trade had occurred and the Giants were involved; I was thinking that maybe they would select perhaps (OLB) Khaseem Greene or (DE) William Gholston or even Malliciah Gooodman.

However; again Reese had a moment and selected (QB) Ryan Nassib. Now let me just say that Nassib is a gifted QB and was projected to go perhaps late 1st round to early 2; and was rated higher than the three above mentioned.

However; at this point (4th round) based on the previous picks (rounds 1,2,3) and the team needs, Nassib was not the right pick. Nassib will in all likelihood stand on the sidelines, holding a clipboard while watching Eli Manning for the next five years. Greene, Gholston or Goodman could have contributed much sooner with the giants.

Round 5: It’s really sad that as a Giants fan that the only pick that I was excited about was in round 5 when the Giants selected Cooper Taylor. Taylor was rising on the draft charts and was mentioned by many as one of the top 5 sleepers in this year’s draft.  

Taylor has size (6’4", 230 pounds) and speed (4.45) at the safety position. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Giants convert Taylor into a LB on certain defensive schemes to utilize his talents.

Round 6: Forfeited through trade with Arizona.

Round 7/Compensation pick: At this point, the selections or (OG) Eric Herman and (RB) Michael Cox is irrelevant; as the chances of any of them making the team is not likely.

My final evaluation of the selections by GM Jerry Reese is obvious; this is the worst draft by Reese as the Giants' GM thus far. I would probably give the Giants a grade of a D- at best and let me go on record and say that this draft will haunt the Giants for the next 3-5 years.