The New York Giants needed to win against the Dallas Cowboys, if they had any chance of pulling off this miracle season. Instead; the Giants failure resulted in a loss to the Dallas Cowboys 24-21. Mathematically; the Giants are still in the playoff hunt. However; realistically the Giants are out. With a 4-7 record, it is unrealistic for anyone to believe that this team can win the remaining 5 games and finish 9-7. The effort was there, however; penalties were the Giants downfall for the most part of the game; which resulted to 14 points by the Cowboys. 

High Points:

  • Giants had their best game on the ground; rushing for 202 yards (Andre Brown 21/127 & Brandon Jacobs 9/75).
  • Giants defense played well enough to win
  • Cullen Jenkins (2 sacks) was outstanding for the Giants.
  • Giants OL collectively played well; especially when Booth replaced the injured Cordle at center.
  • Steve Weatherford did a fine job punting (66/68 yards) with 2 clutch punts.
  • Giant’s defense limited the Cowboys in 3rd down efficiency (4/11 at 36%).

Low Points:

  • Giants passing game struggled throughout the game and seemed to never get in rhythm.
  • Victor Cruz was shut down by the Cowboys CB’s.
  • Giants committed too many crucial penalties (personal fouls); which lead to 14 points for Dallas.
  • Giants were bad in the red zone (1/3 at 33%).
  • Giants were dreadful on 3rd down efficiency (3/12 at 25% to Dallas 4/11 at 36%).


Final Thoughts:

So there you have it Giant fans, it was a fun ride while it lasted as the Giants gave it all they had.  So where do the Giants go from here? Well, they first need to play out the remainder of the season. With 5 games remaining against the Redskins (2 games), Chargers, Seahawks and the Lions; it’s possible that the Giants could finish with a 5-11 record. If so, they will be in position to possibly selecting in the top 10 of the NFL draft in April. As I mentioned in recent weeks, the Giants put themselves too deep into a hole to have any realistic chance of making the playoffs this season.  The Giants management and coaching staff will have a lot of evaluating to do over the remaining 5 games. They will have a lot of decisions to make in the offseason to retool this team into a playoff contending team. It all starts from the top and that refers to Coach Coughlin. It will be his call on whether he wants to continue as the Giants Head Coach (still under contract). If so, Coughlin needs to make some changes within his coaching staff and to player personnel. As for now, Giant fans can rejoice in the fact that this team never gave up and showed a lot of determination during this winning streak.