This is becoming a weekly trend as the Giants were embarrassed again, this time by the Kansas City Chiefs 31-7. This marks the 4th consecutive loss to start the season (1st time since 1987) and also the 4th consecutive time the Giants defense has surrendered 30+ points to their opponent.  The Giants were actually still in the game after the 3rd quarter (17-7) despite being outplayed in many areas by the Chiefs. Here is a breakdown of the high points, low points and final thoughts:

High Points

  • Were still in the game after the 3rd quarter, 17-7.
  • Herzlich, Paysinger and Rolle were very active and played well.
  • The Giants only turned the ball over 3 times (Chiefs also 3 times)
  • David Wilson ran well despite the OL being over matched by the Chiefs DL

Low Points

  • Giants OL surrendered 3 sacks and were over matched by the Chiefs DL
  • Giants
    special teams surrendered another punt return
  • Giants were dominated in time of possession 24:04 to 35:56
  • Chiefs were 2/2 in the red zone
  • Chiefs nearly 100 yards more than the Giants in total yards 390 to 298
  • Giants only collected 1 sack (LBer Paysinger) as the DL applied no pressure on Smith
  • Chiefs nearly doubled the Giants in total 1st downs (21/11)
  • Giants 3rd down efficiency 1/14 (7%) and Chiefs 9/16 (56%)

Final Thoughts

Many discarded the Giants going 1-3 in preseason and felt they would do better once the season started. Many discarded the Giants opening day loss to the Cowboys as only one game. Many discarded the Giants defeat to the hands of Peyton Manning and Denver Broncos as one of those games. 

Well, it’s apparent to me (after the Denver loss) that the Giants are not a very good team at this point. Something needs to be done and quickly; as (OC) Kevin Gilbride, (DC) Perry Fewell and (ST) Tom Quinn should all be fired. As a matter of fact, some of the players should also be released and replaced by some of the players on the practice squad. What’s the difference at this point? If anyone still believes that this team has any shot at the playoffs, well, I have some land in the desert to sell you. With the Eagles (2x) and the Bears coming up in the next 3 games, it is very possible that the Giants will be 0-7. If that’s the case, then as Giant fans we should be looking at the top 3 picks in the upcoming 2014 draft.