Eli ManningRecently there’s been a debate going around whether or not Eli Manning is Hall of Fame worthy.

Before I give my opinion and provide data to support it, let’s look at the facts. Eli Manning entered the NFL in 2004 and has developed into a top-caliber QB for the New York Giants.

I will support my claim with comparisons of a couple of former QBs that have had similar careers of Manning and are in the Hall of Fame.

This topic has been met with much controversy and debate; as many feel (including me) that many QBs in the Hall of Fame aren’t worthy.

Aside from this; let’s break down Eli Manning’s career thus far and project what his final stats might look like.

Eli Manning Career Stats:

             Comp        Yards            TD            INT            Rating

              58.6       31,527            211          144              82.7


Above are Eli Manning’s current career stats thus far. In Manning’s eight full seasons as the Giants' starting QB, he has average 3,810 passing yards and 26 Touchdowns per season.  

At 32 years old, if Manning plays another five seasons at the same level, he would finish his career with 50,577 passing yards, 341 touchdowns and 220 INTS. These stats would rank Manning in the top 10 of all time and would certainly include him as a Hall of Famer.

In comparisons, below are two quarterbacks currently in the Hall of Fame, who I feel are very similar to Eli Manning in regards to their talent level.

Troy Aikman Career Stats:

            Comp          Yards             TD            INT              Rating

             61.5          32,942            165           90                81.6

Jim Kelly Career Stats:

            Comp          Yards              TD            INT               Rating

            60.1           35,467            237            84                84.4

Both Manning and Aikman have won multiple Super Bowls, Kelly has not.

Both Manning (2x) and Aikman (1) have won MVP in a Super Bowl, Kelly has not.

Do you think Eli Manning is heading into the Hall of Fame or do you believe he has no chance? Let the debate begin.