With an overwhelming win against the Cleveland Browns 41-27 and a 3-2 record, the New York Giants might still be looking on the outside of making the playoffs after week 5.

The next five games before their bye week could determine the Giants fate on whether they are a playoff bound team or not. With upcoming games at San Francisco, Washington, at Dallas, Pittsburgh and at Cincinnati, the Giants must come out of those games with at least a 6-4 record. 

After the bye week, the Giants will face Green Bay, at Washington, New Orleans, at Atlanta, at Baltimore and finally Philadelphia to close out the season.

In my preseason preview article, I had the Giants finishing with a 9-7 record and missing the playoffs. Therefore, in their last 6 games of the season, based on their schedule (which is the toughest in the NFC East) the Giants will most likely go 3-3 and finish the season 9-7.

Is it possible the Giants finish strong like they did last season and make the playoffs, maybe.  However; to expect the Giants to pull off another miracle run is a lot to expect and realistically; finishing 9-7 is much more realistic and quite possibly a reach.  

The Giants will need to execute to near perfection the rest of the way and somehow win a game or two they are not expected to win and of course; win games they are. If the Giants do not have a record of 7-3 or better entering their bye week; their chances of making the playoffs this season will be extremely low and to be honest; unrealistic.