It wasn’t pretty or fun to watch, but the New York Giants finally won a game by defeating the lifeless Minnesota Vikings 23-7.

This game could have gone in any direction as I had mentioned in my pre-game breakdown that the Giants needed to do win in three areas if they wanted to win. 1) Win the battle of the turnovers 2) Contain Adrian Peterson and 3) Win the time of possession. I also made reference that if the Giants couldn’t contain Peterson, then Josh Freeman could look like Joe Montana and torch them for a couple of TD passes. Well, I have to give myself partial credit as the Giants defense made Freeman look like Montana, but it wasn’t Joe; but rather Hanna Montana...

Below are the following High Points, Low Points and Final Thoughts from the game:

High Points:

  • Giants won time of possession 36:22 to 23:38
  • Giants won the turnover battle 3 to 1
  • Giants shutdown Adrian Peterson (only 28 yards)
  • Giants defense did not surrender a single point.

Low Points:

  • Surrendered another Punt return for a TD (3rd for the year)
  • Only recorded 1 sack when the entire stadium knew the Vikings were going to pass
  • Were only 7/19 (36%) on 3rd down efficiency
  • Only managed 257 total yards
  • Only managed 69 yards rushing
  • Were 1/4 (25%) in the red zone. Only because they recovered a fumble inside the 5.

Final Thoughts:

A win is a win and at this point the Giants will take any win they can.  Coach Coughlin understands that as well as anyone, but he also understands that this team is in no way going in the right direction as last night’s game could have easily gone in a different direction if the Vikings could have executed better. Adrian Peterson did not look confident at all running the ball; and it’s obvious the death of his son is playing a larger factor into this than opposing defenses.