The Giants' rookie running back, David Wilson, has been opening eyes and breaking defenders in his first NFL training camp.

The Virginia Tech product has coach Coughlin in awe of their new 1st round draft pick saying he "looks very fast, looks very quick".  

Though many are saying his abilities are very similar to the Giants' #1 running back Ahmad Bradshaw, I seem to be one of the very few that sees otherwise. 

Bradshaw's strength lies in his quickness and leg strength, though he has speed to get past linebackers he's usually caught by the secondary because of his lack of breakaway speed. Bradshaw seems to have more gallop rather than a sprinter's stride.

Wilson, on the other hand, can get to the outside quicker and releases up field with much more speed than Bradshaw can provide. Their similarity lies in what happens after contact, Bradshaw has shown tremendous ability in this field. For such a small frame he can easily run through a defender twice his size rather than go around. Wilson led the NCAA in yards after contact with 990 total.

Combining the facts that Wilson very well may be a better all-around back with the fact that Bradshaw isn't the most durable runner in football will likely end in Wilson starting a few games towards the end of the season.

The Giants will likely mix up their run strategy next season thanks to producing the worst running game in the NFL last season, ranking 32nd in efficiency. Wilson will likely be used as a 3rd-down back because of his pass-catching ability and will likely see more playing time later on in the season as he adjusts to the pro game.