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Eli ManningWhen The Jerry built what is arguably the most impressive stadium in football today, it was not just a monument to his own ego.

That was important of course, but what he really wanted was teams to crap themselves with terror with the mere thought of facing the Emperor's stormtroopers in his house.

So far this has not been the case, with the 'Boys compiling a .531 home win percentage in the regular season at the new digs.

Worse yet, hated rivals, the G-Men, positively own them in Dallas, having never lost there. Using this as a brilliant segueway.....

Dallas will beat the Giants in Jerry World

All the indicators of this shutout falling by the wayside are in, especially the lackluster Giants' defense.

I really don't care who says what about Dallas' running game. DeMarco Murray is an average talent who has had a few good games. The Giants will handle him. There are far scarier things that went to college in Oklahoma to worry about.....

Dez Bryant is going to go richter on New York's secondary

There is quite simply no one on the Giants who can cover him. He is going to announce his presence in a huge way. Think Demaryius Thomas against the Ravens. Then add another touchdown. I know saying Dez will have a good game is far from bold, so I will predict a monster game -- 10 catches for 175 yards and 3 TDs. He will be the difference-maker in the game. Bold enough for you, son?

Eli will have a great game but will be out-gunned by Romo

And let down by his defense. Eli is inconsistent for sure and last year was awful, but he is a big game quarterback. He will be there untill the end, slinging it all over the joint to every receiver on the team (Wilson will convert at least 1 short pass into a long TD) but in the end it will not be enough. The Cowboys are due, plain and simple.

Author's note: I am a virulent hater of the Cowboys and have been all my life. I hope I am wrong and the 'Pokes have their guts stomped out by my beloved Giants and everyone can comment and tell me what a moron I am.

I look forward to this possibility with joy in my heart and a beer in my hand. I just don't think Big Blue has the horses this year, especially on defense. I really hope I am wrong.