Alright, Giant fans, it’s time to press the panic button after only the second week of the season.  The Giants suffered their 2nd loss of the early season to the Denver Broncos 41-23 and now share last place with the Washington Redskins at 0-2. I will not breakdown the game in detail as it is too painful to relive. Instead, I will offer a short breakdown of the high points and low points of the game; followed by my final thoughts:

High Points:

  • Giants once led 3-0 in the game
  • Amukamara had a solid game with 10 solo tackles
  • Spencer Paysinger and Jacquian Williams each had 7 tackles
  • Giants won the time of possession, 31:58 to 28:02 (see Low Points Below)

Low Points:

  • Giants 3rd down efficiency 1/11 (9%). Broncos 3rd down efficiency 8/15 (53%)
  • Giants rushing yards was only 23. Broncos rushing yards was 109
  • Giants had 4 turnovers. Broncos only had 1 turnover
  • Giants red zone was 1/3 (33%). Broncos red zone was 2/3 (66%)
  • Broncos didn’t need a lot of time to score; that’s how bad the Giants defense played.
  • Giants OL couldn’t control the line of scrimmage
  • Giants DL couldn’t control the line of scrimmage
  • Giants DL didn’t record any sacks
  • Giants secondary for the 2nd week in a row made too many tackles; which indicates that the DL and LBers are not making enough plays.
  • Eli Manning despite going 28/49 for 362 yards, did not play well enough as many of his passes were under thrown and into double coverage.
  • Jason Pierre-Paul looked slow and out of shape, as did many of the players on both sides of the ball.

Final Thoughts:

See a trend here? For the second week in a row, the Giants defense was over-powered and out played. I had mentioned after the Giants pitiful preseason display that this team did not look ready to play at all.

Now after just 2 games, I fear that this team will have a spiral effect and struggle to not only make the playoffs, but to finish with a .500 record. You may think I’m over reacting after just 2 games; well maybe that would be true if the Giants lost 2 very close games (i.e.: 17-14 or 24-21). However; this is not the case and whether you want to admit it or not, the fact is this Giants team is headed for a very disappointing season. Coach Coughlin will be challenged to hopefully straighten this out before next week’s game. Not sure he can as it is up to the players to perform.