brandon myersSometimes in life, things don't go as planned or anticipated. 'Stuff' happens and there are surprising outcomes from time to time.

And in those times, looking back in retrospect often reveals that the final outcome wasn't as outlandish as one might have suspected at the beginning of the journey. 

With that in mind, please bear with me as I make a case, albeit a weak one, for the New York Giants snatching the 2013 Eastern Divsion title:

  1. The Giants must win out their final four games.
  2. The Seattle Seahawks must defeat the San Francisco 49ers this weekend.
  3. The Cowboys must lose this coming weekend against Chicago.
  4. Aaron Rodgers must start next weekend's game against the Cowboys, which means the Packers have to defeat Atlanta at home this weekend; then the Aaron Rodgers-led Packers must defeat the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas.
  5. The Philadelphia Eagles must defeat the Dallas Cowboys in their finale, while losing 2 of their other 3 remaining contests (Detroit, Minnesota, Chicago).

Although the odds against this all occuring are pretty high, it's not at all in the realm of impossibility.

It is obvious that the Giants must win out, which is doable depending on how their opponents fare (particularly Seattle) down the road. 

The reason Seattle must defeat San Francisco this weekend is the Giants can only conceivably beat Seattle if they ride into Met Life Stadium on a big letdown having just clinched the Western Divsion title and all but sewing up home field advantage for the playoffs. Seattle losing would make this contest a 'must win', which would cook the Giants' goose. 

The Cowboys have to lose this weekend in Chicago, otherwise Washington must perform a negative miracle by defeating the Boys in Dallas two weekends from now. 

Aaron Rodgers has to be Green Bay's starter next weekend in Dallas for the Packers to have a legitimate chance to beat the Cowboys. Which means Green Bay has to beat Atlanta this weekend at home so that the Packers are not eliminated themselves from playoff contention. That is the only way GB management would even consider not shutting down the season of the leagues's best quarterback. 

The Eagles simply have to beat Dallas in their finale, while losing two of their three remaining non divisional matchups, beginning today in Detroit. Detroit and Chicago are battling for the Central Divsion title, and thus both losable contests. The Vikings game is in Minnesota, always a tough place to procure a victory.

So there you have it. The Giants win the Divsion at 9-7, having the same record as the Eagles, but holding the tie-breaker by beating them in both head to head matchups, while the Cowboys again flounder in December and finish at 8-8. 

Should the stars align, and the preceeding scenario were to play out, would it really be that shocking?