When Jay Cutler's heart is questioned, Chicago Bears fans stand in anger. Years roll by with no title win and Tony Romo is still the man in Dallas. So, why does criticism surface when all is not perfect for Manning? The New York Giant fans and media should pause before counting Manning out.

Eli Manning has done a tremendous amount for Giant Nation. He's won two Super Bowls (XLI and XLVI), holds an 8-3 playoff record while boasting a 5-1 road record in the playoffs. After throwing his second highest amount of interceptions, 20, in 2007, Eli Manning led the Giants to their first Super Bowl victory since the 1990 season.

The next three seasons weren't so great; Manning lost to Brett Farve in the 2008 NFC Conference Championship, missed the playoffs in 2009 and 2010, and threw a career high of 25 interceptions in 2010.

The Giant fans and New York press started the Eli instability talk and the possibility of another quarterback.

Even though Manning threw for an amazing 4,933 yards in 2011, the Giants only boasted a 9-7 record to make the playoffs. It took a road warrior, such as Eli Manning, to take his team to a second Super Bowl in five years. Once again, those negative thoughts of Eli faded in The Big Apple.

Last year, Manning had a good statistical year - but the Giants fell short of the playoffs.

Even with the winning of another Super Bowl in the last two years, the drafting of home state QB, Ryan Nassib, might be evidence of another Eli Manning controversy.

I say this to NYC- "Unlike brother Peyton, Eli does his talking on the field."

Sweetheart's Stuff    

I know the answer to this one!!!

Ryan Nassib was born in Pennsylvania and went to Syracuse University. Eli Manning was born in Louisiana and went to college at Ole Miss. Yankees stick together.