After a two game skid that had people thinking that maybe the New York Giants were vulnerable, they came out Sunday night and put in a performance to speak to the contrary by beating the Green Bay Packers 38-10.

It seems that everytime the Giants are perceived to be on the ropes they rise to the occasion and make a statement that says, "everyone put the shovels down , don't bury us yet, its just a minor setback."

That is why this team has won two Super Bowls in four years and are poised to repeat again this year. This is a special team. No matter what the circumstances they seem to answer the bell when the lights are brightest. When the game demands that they should be at their best they bring their best.

On occasion they do fall asleep at the wheel and lose to teams,or make games closer than they need to be against inferior opponents. More often than not, however, when this team needs to go and get it done, when they are perceived to have their backs against the wall, this team gets the job done and in emphatic fashion. The reason is that they have three elements that, no matter what, they can hang their hat on and get get big wins at important times.

First they have easily one of the fiercest pass rushing defensive lines in the game. Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora, & Jason Pierre - Paul , who account for 14.5 of the 30 total sacks that this defense has collected in this 2012 season. Their sack total is tied for 5th best in the league.

On Sunday night they harassed Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers and sacked him 5 times. Also this defense has only given up six rushing touchdowns all year. That also speaks to how stout the Giants defensive front can be. When they need to they can count on these linemen and their linebackers to step up and get crucial stops deep in the redzone.

Secondly, Eli Manning is an elite quarterback. We can finally put that question to bed. He still seems to get disrespected somehow. For example, how dare Bob 

Costas come out and ask Eli, " How does it feels to win a Super Bowl in the house that your brother Peyton built? " That, to me, was a disrespectful question. Even in Eli's biggest moment he could not shake big brother's shadow.

Eli has more rings than Peyton and quite frankly has more heart than Peyton. Peyton may have the regular season numbers, but Eli has the heart and drive that makes him show up in the biggest moments of games and on the biggest stages. When the Giants were down to Robert Griffin III week 7 after RGIII led his team down the field to take a 23-20 lead , who threw the 77 yard TD pass to Victor Cruz with the pass rush barreling down on him? Eli Manning!!! Eli Manning is 17th all- time in NFL history, and 5th among active quarterbacks in game winning drives with 28. As long as this man is at the helm, they will always be in the big games, and also be a threat in the playoffs no matter how they arrive in the tournament.

Thirdly, and to me most importantly, Head Coach Tom Coughlin keeps them even keeled. No matter what the situation you never hear that the players are imploding and about to turn on him or his system. He has control of his team and knows what buttons to push at what times. They are not a flashy team because they don't have a flashy coach. This football team has definitely taken on Coach Coughlin's personality and it shows up in the big games time and time again.

When you put all these elements together you can see why the New York Giants have won two of the last four Super Bowls and have a great chance of repeating as champions this season. This team is on the verge of being a dynasty and it's time that we give the New York Giants their proper respect!