Analyzing The New York Giants 2012 Opponents:

Vs. Green Bay:  Both of these teams have proven they can win on the road when the pressure is on. This game could be decided by which team shows up and which one doesn’t. This game will turn into a shootout between Eli Manning and Aaron Rodgers.

@ San Francisco: The Rematch of the 2011 NFC Championship, and you know Coach Harbaugh will have his team ready for this one. As we know from last year, the 49ers have a tough defense, and protecting Eli Manning has to be the first priority. I expect a low scoring match in this game since both teams have strong defensive units.

Vs. New Orleans: Having the Saints come to NY is huge. Just last year the Saints averaged 41.6 points per game at home. When they had to travel that number came all the way down to 27.2 points per game. Making the Saints travel to New York could be the difference in this game.

Vs. Tampa Bay:  The 2012 Bucs are a much improved team this year. Tampa added two Pro Bowl players to its offense this offseason and picked up starters on the defensive side of the ball. The Giants would be wise to take them seriously. The Bucs are one of the few teams with the talent on the offensive line that can match the talent on the Giants' defensive line.

@ Cleveland: The Browns have been very quiet in Free Agency this year. It looks like we might have to wait until after the Draft to get an idea of what this team will look like. The Browns have had problems protecting Colt McCoy, this could be a bad day to be a QB in Cleveland. The Browns post as good a defense that could slow the Giants' passing attack down and force a low-scoring defensive battle.

 Vs. Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh is a very talented team but I question their offensive line’s ability to keep the Giants off “Big Ben.” I think Tom Coughlin will have his Giants ready for gang tackling, I mean it’s not every week you try to sack a 240-pound QB.

@ Atlanta: Playoff rematch time!  The Falcons' fans are already asking if they can beat the Giants in the rematch. How about can the Falcons score offensive points this time around? This time the Falcons get home-field advantage so don’t under estimate, it can get very loud in Atlanta - but if the Giants have showed us anything over the last five years it’s that they can win on the road!!!

@ Carolina: The Panthers look to be a very dangerous team for the Giants this coming year. The Giants have always had trouble containing mobile quarterbacks like Cam Newton; note Mike Vick and Vince Young the last two years. No need to fear, the Giants have the overall better team QB, WR, and defense, but wait didn’t we have the better team vs. the Redskins last year?

@ Baltimore:   The Ravens; so close but so far away, what more can I say? However kickers are part of the game. The sad part of the Ravens' loss to the Pats is that they had three chances to either tie or win the game. I know most people remember the kick but not the two dropped passes right before that would have ended the game. The Ravens have a tough defense so I expect this to be a low-scoring game in the 24-20 range. I will be at this game so Giants bring your 'A' game!

@ Cincinnati:   The team that surprised everyone in 2011 won’t be catching the Giants by surprise. The Bengals didn’t have much Free agency activity, but neither did the Giants. With these two teams we will have to wait until after the Draft to get a better idea of some of the skill positions that have yet to filled.

@ Eagles: This divisional match-up is always tough. The Giants are 1-6 in the last 7 games vs. the Eagles. All but one of the games have been decided by one possession so I expect a close game that could go either way. Look for the Giants to test Mike Vick’s ability to stand in the pocket and pressure him often. The deciding factor in this game will be the Giants' ability to stop McCoy and the Eagles' ability to bottle up Eli Manning.

Vs. Eagles: The Giants haven’t beat the Eagles at home since 2007. I pick the Giants making it up to fans in this one and beating the Eagles in NY. See above comment for more details.

@ Redskins: The Redskins managed to beat the Giants twice last year with Rex Grossman as quarterback. I expect RGIII to try and turn this into a higher scoring game. The Giants' defense has always had a hard time with mobile quarterbacks.  Both teams post strong defensive units and a solid running game. This will be must-watch TV for football fans.

Vs. Redskins: I expect the Giants to get some revenge in this game after an embarrassing loss to the Skins at home last year. See above comment for more details.

@ Cowboys: Giants and Cowboys; every time Manning and Romo get together the fireworks start to fly. Eli Manning has never lost in the Cowboys new stadium. Look for the Cowboys to try and get revenge for the Giants knocking them out of the playoff hunt last year.

Vs. Cowboys: See above comment.

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