The New York Giants made a deadly offense even better in this year’s draft. Teams are going to have a hard time stopping the Giants in 2012. Eli Manning threw nearly 5,000 yards behind a banged offensive line and no running game last year. Despite how the media has praised Manningham, he wasn’t a scary receiver. Manningham only contributed to 523 yards of Eli Mannings near 5,000 yards passing. Nicks and Cruz, however; combined for nearly 2800 yards. The Giants had a great draft and I can’t wait to see how round 3-7 pan out.  Here is the impact from the first two rounds and how they impact our squad:

Why David Wilson was a great pick up

RB David Wilson 5’10 205 lbs

The Positives
Wilson has a ton of upside potential and fills a huge hole for the Giants. Jerry Reese never drafts for need, so he saw something in this kid that was more than he had seen in Fleener, and that’s says a lot. Wilson has the kind of pass catching abilities to really compliment the Giants pass heavy offense. Wilson has the speed to take a check down pass 80 yards for the score. These shorter backs get dinged a bit, but when your offensive line is so big it makes near impossible to find these guys.

The Negatives
Wilson struggled in pass coverage, but he won’t be asked to block an OLB by himself. Wilson has had issues holding on to the ball but this can be fixed with good coaching. Wilson is never happy with a small play, and even if there isn’t a big play to be made, he can lose a lot of yards trying to make one. This can be fixed with good coaching, and I think Wilson will be ready for Cowboys come Wednesday night.

Other facts
Typically Jerry Reese will select the best player on his board. So why should we think he changed the way he drafts? The answer is that he has seen something in this kid that you, me, and everyone else did not! Take that to the bank because the Giants have the best GM in the league. This kid has all the talent to be a starting RB and he not only was the top rated player, but fills a need at RB. Two birds with one stone with round one in the books.

Impact on division
Well the Giants averaged less than 90 yards per game last year. I’m sorry, but that’s a darn shame and has to change. If you let your QB sit back all year in a shotgun letting it fly, eventually someone will exploit you. That’s what the Patriots and Packers did and that is what their downfall was as well. Eli Manning hasn’t had an elite run game since 2008. Imagine how much better the Giants would have been with a few successful play action passes.  Let’s be real, not a single defender was afraid that Jacobs might break a big run, and they were right. Wilson and Bradshaw have the speed to take a small hole and make a huge play.

Why Rueben Randle is a great pick up

WR Rueben Randle 6’3 and 210 lbs

The Positives
Rueben Randle was the steal of the 2nd round best player available and I couldn’t be happier. He has huge upside from playing in a run heavy offense. He’s never had a QB even close to Manning throwing to him. Randle is best working the outside and is very similar to Nicks.

The Negative
 The only downside to Randle is that he needs to clean up his routes while in the slot. That doesn’t count as a negative to me. Randle will be outside 85% of the time. Why? Cruz and Bennett play the middle of the field, and are great at doing it. Randle will be the 3rd WR in out corps, but he will have the duty of playing outside.

Other facts
If you watched the Giants last year you know they like to run a  three-receiver set. So if you’re going to use three receivers, let them do what they best. Don’t force Cruz to the outside even though he played the role at a high level. You now have two deadly options outside and Cruz and Bennett vs. linebackers in the middle. Eli Manning finally has the pieces around him to have a realistic chance of defending his title unlike in 2008. When you give your Eli Manning, two-time Super Bowl MVP QB, weapons like this rarely disappoint.

Impact on the division
The Cowboys and Eagles now both have Eli CB duos. What is the answer to beating elite CB’s? Well ask Rex Ryan what Belichick did to beat his three first round CB trio. You get players who the opposition can’t use the CB’s to cover i.e. TEs and receivers in the slot. While Randle will be working against the number two CB, he opens it up for Cruz Nicks and Bennett. The Giants now have too many weapons to double, and Manning is in the prime of his career.

Outlook on the Giants 2012 season
Not many teams on the Giants schedule have the offensive firepower that can match the Giants, the few exceptions being the Packers and Saints. It looks like teams are going to try to take the same approach the Giants used on the Packers and Patriots last year. Opposing teams will try to limit the amount of snaps Eli Manning gets with his receiving corps. The Giants have a fierce pass rush and if you get down double digits, JPP and Tuck will be pinning their ears back. I think the Giants will post a top five offense once again. Eli Manning is loaded to the teeth with weapons to defend his title.

Giant’s rounds 3-7

While some of these players aren’t expected to start right away, many of them should be able contribute early this year.

CB Jayron Hosley 5’10 178lbs
Hosley should be able to come in and make impact right away playing in the nickel. Hosley may never have the size or strength to play outside wide outs, but he won’t be asked to. In the pass happy league today, having a great slot CB is important. With guys like Wes Welker and Victor Cruz emerging, covering the slot is a necessity. Hosley should see plenty of snaps at punt and kick returner running a 4.43 40. Hosley led the nation in interceptions and has a knack for knowing where the ball is going. The only downside here is that he popped hot for pot, but I’m willing to bet the Giants coaching staff can fix that.

TE Adrien Robinson 6’4 267lbs
Many Giants fans were hoping to see this position addressed earlier in the draft. I will explain why the Giants didn’t have to use a 1st or 2nd round pick to get a playmaker. The Giants do not use their tight ends like the Patriots or Falcons in a hybrid role. The Giants want a blocker first and pass catcher after run and pass blocking. Robinson will be our 2nd TE and has time to learn his role, but only if he fits the Giants mold perfectly. He won’t break a small pass 80 yards, but again this is not what the Giants are looking for in tight ends.

OT Brandon Mosley 6’5 314lbs
We drafted Mosley in the 4th round with our compensatory pick. Giant’s fans, myself included, were clamoring for a RT and we got just want we wanted. He will not be ready to start this year, he needs to spend a lot of time in the weight room and gain some weight. He will likely never be a pro bowl player, but many teams find gold in the late rounds at this position. He need’s some work and to be coached up, but his was a good grab at the end of the first round.

OT Matt McCants 6’6 308lbs
First I would like to say great grab for the end of the 6th round. McCants has the build to be a left tackle someday, but until then he can be a great backup. McCants will need to gain about 20lbs and has to be coached up a considerable amount; after all he was a 6th round pick. This kid has all the potential in the world; he has the frame and one of the best coaching staffs to bring him up to speed. If he can get his weight up he can challenge for the backup role, not only for tackle, but guard.

DT Markus Kuhn 6’5 299lbs
Kuhn is a very small DT but he has impressive speed and could see some snaps rushing the passer. Kuhn ran a 4.49 40 and bench-pressed 225lbs 28 times; while his strength is average, he can get stronger. Kuhn, welcome to the best defensive line rotation in the NFL. Remember Giants fans, we wouldn’t have drafted him if we didn’t see something special. I think we have all questioned Reese at some point, but after bringing us two titles in five years, in my book he has earned the right to not be questioned.

The Giants have put together a solid team to defend their world championship. The Giants run game and receivers will be much better in 2012, and I can’t wait to see the fireworks. The offensive line is healthy now, and we have depth there and at TE so Eli Manning should be protected fairly well. The defense again only got better and added CB’s and depth on the D-line, as well as traded for ILB and resigned Blackburn. I think I covered all the bases, so let me know what you think about the Giants draft choices below.