The New York Giants' draft was solid, albeit not without its mistakes. Though if I've learned anything over the years, it's that Giants GM Jerry Reese knows a lot more than I do when it comes to the NFL Draft. In Jerry I trust.


David Wilson (32 overall) - RB, Virginia Tech: When the Bucs stole Boise State RB Doug Martin by trading for the 31st pick (Note: Reese claims this isn't true and Wilson was the second-rated RB on their board after Richardson), I still say the Giants should've gone with Stanford TE Coby Fleener. I think 32nd overall was a huge reach for Wilson, who may have still been there with the 63rd pick. They needed a RB, but I don't think they got value for the pick.


Rueben Randle (63) - WR, LSU: Well that solves the Manningham problem immediately. I was shocked to see Randle still on the board at 63, and I think the Giants got a steal. I certainly didn't expect them to go with two skills players to kick off the Draft, but this is the best pick of their weekend, and it's good to know they're going to have a rookie contract at a position they're going to have to throw a lot of money at soon with Nicks and Cruz. Although sadly, this likely places Ramses Barden, 3rd round pick from three years ago, 5th or 6th on the depth chart, officially putting an end to what I thought would be a very productive career. Seriously, it's a bit of a dream-killer for me. Dude's got skills.


Jayron Hosley (94) - CB, Virginia Tech: The Giants are fairly invested in a VT team that went 11-3 in an ACC conference that saw them get decimated by a slightly above average Clemson team in the championship game. How much this hangs on Hosley and Wilson is up for debate, but you get the picture I'm trying to paint here. Apparently Reese and Co. saw something they liked on both sides of the ball from the 2011 Hokies, and now filled the hole left by Aaron Ross.


Adrien Robinson (127) - TE, Cincinnati: A position I would've liked to see addressed a bit earlier (Not a big fan of Jake Ballard or Martellus Bennett, and right now I think Bear Pascoe is the Giants' best option), they may have lucked out here. Robinson has great size (6'4") and is a good blocker, but he only caught 12 passes last season. I'm trusting draft guru Jerry Reese here, who has called Robinson the "JPP of Tight Ends." Hey, that's enough to get me excited, and if nothing else, he should be solid on special teams.


Brandon Mosley (131) - T, Auburn
Simply stated, solid pick with need at right tackle.

Matt McCants (201) - T, UAB: I see what the Giants are going for with these picks (stack the position, make players fight for that starter spot and see who comes out on top), and it could work out, but quantity doesn't necessarily entail quality, and I'm not sure if either of these two guys will ever end up as anything more than career backups.


Markus Kuhn (239) - DT, NC State: The Giants found Ahmad Bradshaw in the 7th round a few years ago, and I think they were hoping to capture that same lightning again with this pick. This German-born behemoth is fairly new to the sport (like a fellow Giants pass rusher that panned out) and played just one season at NC State before declaring. Apparently he speaks three languages already though, so who needs college?


Overall, I would give the Giants a B+, and that's mostly because I didn't agree with taking Wilson so high. I think they reached with that pick, something Reese never does, always choosing talent over need. After the first round though, they made up for it, taking a steal with Randle at 63, and filling a lot of other needs. Another year goes by without getting that franchise linebacker (before all the hype took over in the final weeks, I really had my hopes set on trading up to the middle of the first round, possibly by dealing Osi, and getting Luke Kuechly), but hopefully former first-round pick Keith Rivers (acquired in a pre-draft trade from Cincinnati) pans out.