Will the Saints be able to handle the whip lash that lingers from the 2011 season and continues to overshadow the 2012 football season, even before it has begun?

Will the Saints be able to navigate through treacherous waters and overcome the stigma of shame and betrayal that they have shown to the loyal, yet somewhat bewildered fans of the great city of New Orleans?

Will they be able to slay the monstrous offseason that reflects light on the darkness that was prevalent in the 2011 camp?

Despite the awesome talent of Drew Brees, Ingram and others, the overall performance for the Saints in 2012 will not be hitting on all cylinders and therefore a steller performance should not be expected. 

On the other side of the spectrum, will they triumph and play for all the marbles, in The Super Bowl in The Super Dome? To get to play on  the big stage on their own turf, what an awesome opportunity that would be. Then again will they shrivel up like the little “Aints” of old?

I know, it is a scary thought and I hate to be the one that throws it on the table. However, let’s be real, all Saints fans have that fear in the front of their mind. I mean it is plausible, don’t you think? A good portion of the sport of football is played between the ears and psychology is a game maker or a game breaker, so really it is all left up to the team.

Either they think that they can or they think they can’t, either way they are right. So in other words, the team will either overcome and play some great Saints football and possibly even end up in the Super Dome in the Super Bowl, or they will choke on the negativity that will bring them to their knees.

The New Orleans Saints, in my humble opinion, have really chosen their own fate on this one. I really hate to say that to one of the most loyal fans in the nation, but call it what you will, whether it is karma or just plain "what comes around goes around", is on due course. 

Sure, you can say that when the 2012 season is underway, it doesn’t matter what happened anymore, it is a new season. Think what you may, but I don't think so, not from a long shot.

When your leadership chooses to bring the entire team outside the boundaries and lead them into harm’s way, it's like dumping  a fresh batch of beignets into a vat of boiling oil down at café’ Du Mondes’. By the way if you are in the Big Easy, I highly recommend stopping down there and having you a couple of beignets and a cup of hot chicory coffee….mmmmm .

In my mind, you really have to question the integrity of the entire organization, who dat say who dat? Especially down in the Big Easy with all of the voodooist stuff going on right there in The French Quarter.

To me, those shenanigans have obviously backfired and it will take a lot to pull out of dat hole of distrust.. That is my opinion and you know what they say about opinions, everybody has one and "dats" mine.