Drew BreesIf I told you prior to the start of the 2012 season that the New Orleans Saints would be 0-3, and the Green Bay Packers would be 1-2, you'd think I was ludicrous.

However, the truth of the matter is, the two teams find themselves on a collision course in Week 4; and those records are deadly accurate.

After a disappointing Week 3 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, the Saints are eagerly in search of their first victory.

Saints quarterback, Drew Brees, has acknowledged that there is a since of urgency that is now overtaking the team.

Brees was quoted saying, "I'm confident we will get that fixed because we have to, and because we're three games into the season and we don't want this thing to get away from us. So there's a sense of urgency. The time is now."

It's clear that Brees believes that they can, must, and will win in their match-up against the Packers.

Not too far from New Orleans, in Wisconsin, the Green Bay Packers have been having issues of their own.

After dropping the season opener to the San Francisco 49ers, the Packers followed up with a win against the Chicago Bears that looked as if they were back on track.

That was short-lived.

The Packers dropped a game on Monday night against the Seahawks, on a call that could very well go down in history as one of the most controversial ever.

Although most believe that the Packers were the true victors, one can't help but to assess the performance of the team.

In the post-game press conference, Aaron Rodgers made reference to the fact that the officiating was awful, be he also made mention to the fact that the game should've never came down to a Hail Mary and an awful officiating decision.

He quickly followed that with, they were looking forward to preparing for the Saints. 

Heading into their Week 4 match-up, both teams feel as though there are major points to be proved. Not only to the world, but to themselves and their organizations. 

Here we have two teams who just a season ago were true Super Bowl hopefuls, on the verge of falling from the talks of contention.

Both Rodgers and Brees have spoken out in frustration of the officials, but never negating the fact that sub-par play is a reason for their lack of success thus far.

With both Pro Bowl quarterbacks being elite in status, neither has let the early season setbacks deter them from their ultimate goals for this season.

I do believe that there will be a change to come for both organizations. However, since these two teams are meeting this week, change will come more quickly for one team than for the other.

Let's take a look at three of my ever bold, yet extremely accurate predictions about this Saints and Packers match-up.

Jermicheal Finley re-emerges.

After an injury plagued 2010 season, Jermichael Finley had a career year in 2011, and he's on track to have a better 2012. Finley, is one, in the select group of tight ends, who have quickly become quarterback favorites.

Already, Finley has caught 15 passes for 133 yards, and one touchdown.

Expect Jermichael Finley to make some big plays this week. Look for him to catch Rodgers' eye on key third downs. Finley will serve as a key component in deflating the secondary of the Saints.

My prediction, Finley has 6 catches for 83 yards, and a touchdown. 


Cedric Benson has a breakout game.

Benson's 12 fumbles over the last two seasons is the sole reason he is a Green Bay Packer this season. Already through the first three weeks of the season, Cedric Benson has coughed one up. His numbers have been less than impressive averaging 3.1 yards per carry this season. He has only reached the end zone once, and has 144 yards on 46 carries so far this year.

However, Benson has put together three consecutive 1,000-yard seasons; which proves that he's capable of moving with the ball.

This game should be used to solidify his place with the Packers' organization. After watching the Saints get steamrolled by the run these last two weeks, I'm sure coach Mike McCarthy, is anxious to see Benson shine through as well.

ESPN's standard fantasy projections have Benson projected at 15 points. The last two weekends he managed to score 11 each time out. I think that Benson is capable of scoring over 20 fantasy points this week.

I predict that Benson will reach the end zone twice and will easily surpass the 146 total yards that he has for the season. The Packers have allowed Benson on average, about 15 carries per game.

If they double the carries, Cedric Benson has a big day.


Drew Brees is the Savior

Call me naive, but I believe.

Although I feel as though the Saints' 32nd ranked defense can't stop anyone, which is evident by their ranking, it's hard to pick against Drew Brees. Last week only helped to make it more difficult to do so.

Even with the loss, the Saints' offense looked of old. They came out firing and quickly ran the score up on the Chiefs. It was a sight that the "Who Dat Nation" had grown used to seeing. The first three and a half quarters looked as if the Saints were back on track.

It's hard for me to count Drew Brees out of any game. I know that Aaron Rodgers is on the other side of the field, and even though the Packers are 1-2, I feel as though Drew Brees and the Saints are more in need of this win. I think that the urgency behind the Saints is at an all time high.

It seems as if everyone has lost faith in the Saints, because well, they can't stop anyone. But I think that it only serves as motivation for the "Bless You Boys." The Saints have had their backs up against the wall, before and with Drew Brees leading the way, it makes things a tad less difficult to overcome.

Game prediction, Drew Brees throws for 300 yards, three touchdowns, and one interception. The interception won't prove costly as the New Orleans Saints sneak out of Lambeau with their first win of the season on the back of their $100 million man.

New Orleans wins 42-38