SaintsThe Saints have what you call “a good problem to have” with the running back depth chart.

Travaris Cadet, New Orleans Saints rookie from Appalachian State, has made his presence known in the Saints' preseason games and practices.

Some have speculated that Chris Ivory’s fourth spot on the depth chart is challenged by Cadet’s performances.

With the addition of Cadet on the team, the Saints have five legitimate running backs on the roster with Darren Sproles, Pierre Thomas, Mark Ingram, Chris Ivory and Cadet. 

None of the Saints' halfbacks are superstars who can rack up fantasy points, but they are all good consistent fits for the New Orleans offense. And, each player has shown ability to serve as consistent contributors. But let's be real about this. Does a team really need five contributing running backs?

Cadet or Ivory can contribute as a backup to a number of NFL teams. In fact, Cadet has the most potential for growth as a rookie.The Saints also have to rebuild their defense, preferably in the Draft.

This is the time for the Saints to act while Cadet’s value is high. 

Cadet looks to be an NFL-ready player who could contribute to any team. The problem is he will not see the field enough to show off his talents, leaving him without a shot at a team and a job. This is the best he might look for the next few years if he has to back-up  three other Saints tailbacks.

I don’t know what general managers are willing to give up for a rookie that has exceeded expectations, but I do know that the Saints will not be able to hold on to all these running backs long-term. The Saints have to figure out how to turn their running back depth into a more balanced team.