I understand why Roger Goodell picked the four players he did for supensions but why only those four? Why not go after Drew Brees who also knew that the defense put bounties on players who play his position? Why not suspend a whole team for turning their eyes from what the defense was doing? Shouldn't the players who let the bounties happen be just as responsible as the players who actually did it? 

Money. The driving force between everything and it is touching the game of football more than we think. The reason Drew Brees has not been suspended is because he is the reason people go to their football games. The league has become a passing league now and many Saints fans are not Saints fans because of their defense or the running game. They are fans because of Drew Brees. Thus, giving Drew Brees a suspension would hurt ticket sales drastically. 

Money is the same reason you will not see Roger Goodell suspend the team or not allow them into the playoffs. Each team has T.V. rights, commercial rights, and reveune that they get every season. If Goodell was to suspend the Saints' season, it would not only hurt the NFL sales but it would hurt the City of New Orleans in money. 

Roger Goodell did not have to suspend any players but he suspended four that he thought did the most damage. In my eyes, Drew Brees did just as much. The leader of your team knows and sees this going on and does nothing? That is not a leader or player I would want on my team. Brees is not alone. His teammates  ignored or looked away from the Bounties too. I understand that players would have lost their jobs had they not listened to their coaches and teammates but that does not make it right. The best way would to have not suspended anyone because they are all equally to blame in this situation. 

Roger Goodell has been showing us how much he believes in player safety with the supensions and fines but the supensions on four players really show his true colors. It is all about the money. Right Roger?

What do you think Roger Goodell should have done or still needs to do?

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