The rumors continue to circle around Drew Brees and his new contract extension. Originally, ESPN reported the two sides were not anywhere close to agreeing to a deal, but then NBC Sports said the deal was closer than expected. Now, the negotiations are expected to go down to the wire according to NBC Sports.

Honestly, that probably does not mean a whole lot to most fans out there because of the confusing reports and interpretation of the word “close”, but fans should take away one thing from this story: the Saints will be in trouble if the deal does not get done.

Drew Brees has been the heart and soul of this team, and really the whole city, since the return to the Super Dome in 2006. The Saints are already facing a season without head coach Sean Payton, one would think bringing back Brees as soon as possible would be a priority.

But it sure does not seem that way as contract negotiations continued this week. Sure, New Orleans now has a lot of great players and contributors to their team besides Brees and Payton, but all of the offseason turmoil should remind fans of the old ‘Aints nickname.

Obviously, fans should not jump the gun like the media often does; this deal will probably get done by the July 16th deadline passes. If the deadline does pass, Brees is still under contract for this year, and will be faced with the decision to sit out or not. No one really knows for sure if Brees will go through sitting out an entire season. Even without an extension, it is probably a 50/50 chance he will play.

Of course, the city of New Orleans does not want it to get to that point. They want their All-Pro quarterback signed so they can debate whether they can make Super Bowl runs, and not debate whether they should return to games with bags on their heads.