The Saints are 0-4 now, and have a genuine possibility of going 0-5 on Sunday when they play the Chargers.  San Diego is in first place in the AFC West; The Saints, on the other end of the spectrum, sit in a last place in the NFC South.

As a Saints fan, I say let them lose.  I want the Saints to lose this Sunday.  And next Sunday. And maybe the Sunday after that, too.  I want the Saints to finish in last place.

Why do I feel this way?  Am I some sort of traitor, or a poor fan?  No.  I am looking to the future.  While the Saints currently sit in last place with their 0-4 record, the Panthers and the Buccaneers are not much better at 1-3. 

In case basic math is not your thing, this means that a Saints win this week and a Panthers and Bucs loss will result in a three way tie for second place.  Sitting atop the division are the mighty Falcons, who remain undefeated and looking quite good.  At best, the Saints could finish the season in second place, and as we all know, there is no prize for second place in the NFL.

As any Cubs fan will tell you, there is always next year.  Unlike the hapless Cubs, however, the Saints can actually look forward to next year.  Last year, they were fantastic with the injured Sean Payton at the helm of the team. 

Without Payton, the team now appears dismal.  Next year Payton will be back, and I predict the Saints will be too.  This year will be a throw away, an awful dream that the team will awaken from on opening day.

It can be more of that.  It can be the year that helps to build a dynasty for the Saints.  If they finish with a losing record this year, it will mean a much higher pick next year.  That pick could come in the form of a running back; someone like Montee Ball out of Wisconsin or Joseph Randle of Oklahoma State. 

Ball is a proven runner and an overall outstanding back.  Randall could prove to be a handy pocket receiver for Drew Brees. Either man would give the Saints an option of running, giving them a truly dynamic offensive attack.  

In addition, if Drew Brees had a valid play action option, the number of yards he could throw for would be astronomical he might even break his own record.

So I say go Chargers. Next year I can scream go Saints to my heart’s content.