Kenny BrittI swore I was going to start writing about my beloved Cowboys.

But I can't let this pass.

Yesterday, Kenny Britt's suspension was announced - a measly one game for an offender who was driving drunk, even after repeated run-ins with the law.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Vilma serves a year for a bounty program that is still unproven in the minds of most people outside of the league office.

Saints fans are outraged, and they need to calm down.

This is something we should have all seen coming.  Yes, Kenny Britt deserved more of a suspension, but it was never going to be big, even if suspensions were more consistent. The most he would have been out is four games, unless he had to serve jail time.

Roger Goodell is not thinking about the safety of the players in the league, and he is not thinking about the way the public views the league. He is thinking about putting himself in the history books. 

He sees the biggest growing issue for football as something that will immortalize any man who can solve it. He believes creating a permanent and effective policy for player safety will get him into the Hall of Fame.

So when even the RUMOR of a bounty program approaches him, he is going to strike, and strike hard. We all know the Saints are being made an example of. They got caught with, at the very least, a pay for performance program (some players have even admitted it), and that evidence got inflated into an alleged bounty program. 

Pay for performance is still against the league rules. Two of the suspended players are on other teams, and the Saints win games with their offense anyway. Drew Brees knows the offense well enough to not need Sean Payton. As harsh as the penalties are, they don't completely wreck the Saints' season.

So all the fans need to take a deep breath, calm down, and remember that the Saints still have a realistic shot at being the first true home team in the Super Bowl (the 1984 49ers don't count - that was hosted at Stanford).