If things were not bad enough for Bill Belichick, and the New England Patriots not knowing when their All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski will be healthy, now they have to deal with the legal issues of Aaron Hernandez.

It is now being reported that Hernandez is linked to two separate incidents where somebody has been shot, but unfortunately one of the victims has died.

Oldin Lloyd was found Monday evening about a mile from Hernandez home, and he is now being investigated by authorities. At first Hernandez refused to cooperate, but is now in full compliance after two other associates of his were shaken down leaving his house.

As of now there have been no charges filed on Hernandez, and the only thing linking him is a rental car with from Rhode Island. The police have also stated that Hernandez is not a suspect at this point after an intensive search of his home.

Even though charges have yet to be filed on Hernandez in this recent incident, he is facing a civil suit that involves allegations him shooting former friend Alexander S. Bradley in February according to court records. It is not clear if there were any criminal charges filed in this manner, and when Bradley was asked he declined to answer the question according to the four letter network..

This is the second time this suit is being filed due to incorrect information on the original is why this story is now becoming national headlines.

The original suit stated that Bradley was shot in the face that has caused him to lose sight in his right eye, but now is saying that he was shot in the arm with the bullet traveling to his head. With two different stories it makes one question if there is any truth at all where Hernandez is involved in this case as well.

If it does turn out he is involved in either one of these cases look for Roger “The Voice of Reason” Goodell to step in and punish Hernandez according to how he sees fit.

As for Gronk, it is unclear when he will be ready to play after having back surgery. According to various reports it's looking like he will need anywhere from 12-15 weeks before he is ready to get back on the field.

To go along with his back surgery, Gronk is still healing from an elbow that has been repaired four times now due to an infection. Luckily for Gronk the infection is gone, and seems to be healing nicely from that setback.

With both highly paid star tight ends dealing with their own issues, the Patriots are looking at losing a huge chunk of offense if both players are unable to play. Together Gronkowski and Hernandez combined for 106 catches for 1,273 yards, and 16 touchdowns last season.

Now with both situations unfolding in Patriots camp with their frightening tight end duo, it is becoming more clear every day why Belichick invested in the drama that comes along with having Tim Tebow on a team. All the critics have said this whole time that Tebow needs to move to tight end; well it looks like that move could actually happen at some point this season.