New England Patriots: Where Will Wes Welker Land in 2013?

By Doug Tozier
December 07, 2012 5:52 pm
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Wes Welker really found a home in New England as the go to guy for Tom Brady. He has put up phenomenal numbers as a slot receiver in a prolific offense. He has 9 years in the league, but didn't really take off until coming to New England from Miami.

Since 2007 has posted 5 out of 6 seasons at 1,000 plus yards, his best performance coming in 2009 where he exceeded 1300 yards receiving. Even alongside Randy Moss, he managed to catch 112 balls for 1175 yards. Along with Brady, he is sure to be a first ballot HOFer.

But 2012 has brought some controversy to one who has not only blown the doors off the competition, but also overcame major knee surgery, to resume, in stride, his prolific career. With his contract expiring, Welker hoped to ink an extension that would make him a Patriot until his mid 30s, letting him retire in the same place he left his indelible mark.

That extension never happened, and the organization dubbed him their franchise player, actually increasing his salary for a single season commitment. And the Patriots could repeat that move again, securing his talents for just one more year, while hedging against any loss in performance over that period.

At 32 years of age, Wes might be inclined to think that he can easily perform at the same level. I for one agree. But no one knows what Patriot management thinks. Receivers do tend to lose a step as they move through their 30s.

So, where will Welker land in 2013?

My bet is with the New England Patriots.

Sure, Miami would love to squeeze the last few ounces of production from "the one that got away". And many teams could benefit from a receiver with his skills, even if the production starts to wane. Can you imagine the immediate improvement for teams like Indianapolis or the New York Jets, or all those sub-500 teams like KC?

But Wes will want to play for a contender; and who better than the team that has buttered his bread for the past 6 seasons? He wants to play in New England. It's the best for him and the organization to lock him in through his 35th birthday. With another 100 catch and 1000 yards season, it is truly win-win and would make all of Patriot Nation happy.

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By Doug Tozier
Senior Writer
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2 years ago
I for one believe you should feel proud that player of his magnitude would express his choice to stay with the New England Patriots, And if for no other reason loyalty should be awarded. It would show the world that the "NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS" take care of there own, that's the reason I bet the N.E Patriots to win S.B 47,as much joy and respect Randy Moss gave Coach Belichick I thought for sure he would welcome Randy Moss Back, that's why put a wager on New England Patriots at very generous odds at 7 to 1. I think everyone would feel that the Pat's are a Class "A" organization. I hope they would be mentioned in the category as Lombardi's Green Bay Packers. Go Pat's You Rule!!
2 years ago

Unfortunately, Moss' stats went done every year he stayed with the Pats. I feel pretty good about Welker, who continues to churn out prolific numbers, including this year.
2 years ago
It would be great for New England especially Kraft and Bellechick to sign him but their history of taking care of their own is not great and I am a BIG Pat's fan but look at their history. They gave Brady what he wanted because he is Brady but everyone else no. Look at Bruschi he remained because he negotiated his own contracts and played for less money than Seau which was not right but then look at Lawyer Milloy gone, Ty Law gone Branch who really gave in so much that he had to leave and then the Pats realized they needed him not just for his receiving but his leadership. Lets not forget Assante Samual who went onto being a top corner which the Pats have starved at for years and then the total Insult Ben jarvis Green Ellis never fumbled ran for most yards since Corey Dillon that oh yeah Bellechick wanted him to play for league minimum after 2 Super Bowls he quit rather than play anywhere else and last but moy least Richard Seymour perhaps one of the ZPats best lineman ever they brag abouttaking care of their own but in reality it is only after they have retired does the appreciation come in the form of there Players Hall in the stadium . The biggest thing nobody is seeing is the big picture in Denver Peyton Manning has expressed several times what he could do with Welker and he is on Peytons wish list if things get close in Denver and they see that Welker becomes a Free Agent watch out he may be wearing orange and blue and that would be something the Pat's should be ashamed of welker has given as much if not more than anyone on that team week in and week out came back early from Knee surgery plays hard every week and every down and has some of the best hands in football. We as fans should stand up and send the pats a message sign Welker he deserves to play out his career here.
2 years ago

It doea pain me to think of how many got away... i think New England has mortgaged championships just trying to save money. It has "almost" worked for several years, and Pats fans are getting impatient for another Super Bowl. Brady needs a 4th ring! Bring Welker back!
2 years ago
Wes Welker will be with the 49ers next season
2 years ago

I don't see it happening. Belichick and Kraft will do the right thing. Brady and Welker will retire Patriots and Welker gets his ring!
2 years ago
You're all wrong. I'm guessing he'll be with the Broncos.
2 years ago

Oh rats, I'll have to change that!
2 years ago

Hahahah no way I'm just joking around. Great article though

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