Jeff Demps I can't even believe the news. Is this a cruel (and late) April Fool's joke?

The New England Patriots announced a deal with the Tampa Buccaneers, that brings LeGarrette Blount to the Patriots' well-established running attack, in exchange for the speedy Jeff Demps, for whom the Patriots paid a high price just a year ago.

Demps was a member of the silver-medal relay team, who impressed trams with his speed and agility. But he never saw the field in the regular season, due to a knee injury.

Because he demanded that he be allowed to pursue his track career, in addition to football, the Patriots decided not to retain his services.

Barring any future injury concerns, this is a huge mistake. Demps is full of raw talent, to be sure, but at least in the return game, he will provide a spark, even if he doesn't play a complete season due to schedule conflicts with track meets.

But LeGarrette Blount is washed-up before he really got going. He had one good season with the Bucs, and I'm sure that the team was eager to unload him with the emergence of Doug Martin.

Even if he doubles his TD production from last year (2), I wonder how those four TDs will benefit New England in any way. They already boast one of the most potent backfields in the league, and added Leon Washington to that mix in the offseason.

So, Bill Belichick, where does this dud fit into the plan? We have yet to find the next Randy Moss at receiver, although Aaron Dobson has potential, and now we waste a perfectly good roster spot on a very questionable running back. I am dumbfounded.

Perhaps Bill is copying the "new" Jets policy of "competition". Not a great example for the most successful franchise in recent history. Please tell me it was a typo!