Tim Tebow The New England Patriots released super popular quarterback Tim Tebow on Saturday August 30th.

Tebow did not have a fit in the Patriots' offense. Tebow would never see the field with future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady at the helm.

Even going into camp with the Patriots, the odds that head coach Bill Belichick would keep three quarterbacks on the roster was slim to none.

Yet the Patriots wanted Tebow in camp. They needed Tebow more than they let on. Tim Tebow was simply damage control for what had been a terrible offseason for the New England Patriots.

Tebow was merely a distracter to get the fans' focus off jailed tight end Aaron Hernandez. Tebow is a much loved player with an outstanding faith, and a near perfect and wholesome background. He also gets amazing ratings on ESPN.

And while Rolling Stone magazine can defend Hernandez’s involvement with the murder of Odin Lloyd, and cry “drug abuse problems” and “not enough Belichick love” as their reasons. The fact of the matter is that Hernandez has left this proud successful franchise with a major black eye.

What better way to heal that black eye than a dose of Tebow? Especially with Aaron Hernandez's upcoming arraignment hearing and the ongoing smattering of news defending and prosecuting the former tight end.

So After an 11 of 30 passing for 145 yards, 91 rushing yards, 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions, Tebow was shown the door, just in time for the start of the regular season.

And Brady and Belichick are eager to start the season against a Buffalo Bills team that maybe forced to start undrafted rookie free agent Jeff Tuel at quarterback. An easy win against the Bills would help keep the focus on the 2013 season and future success.

“I am rooting for Tim, to make this roster,” said a sympathetic Patriots owner Bob Kraft last week of Tebow.

Yet Tebow’s work in New England is done. His next stop in undetermined, but rest assured some team will need the moxie of one Tim Tebow to help their franchise.

Be it on the field, or off.