There’s a new circus in town and, for a change, it’s not in New York City. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present to you: the 2013 New England Patriots! And, although Pats’ fans will hate to admit it, the Patriots are your new New York Jets.

Now, let me clarify (before you write your nasty comment in the comment’s section below, which you will most certainly do anyways): The Patriots are roughly one million-bajillion times better than the Jets and have been over the past decade-plus years. They’re the “new Jets” not in terms of overall team quality, but in terms of their new status as the NFL’s clown organization— an organization that provides fans of rival teams with smirks and chuckles when they check up on the day’s NFL news and find another story about those wacky Patriots.

When the Jets drafted Geno Smith, many were under the impression that they were on their way to maintaining their status squarely under the NFL big top. But, the fact of the matter is, to be a circus you have to be worth watching. With the exception of drafting Geno, the Jets haven’t made any exciting moves, and that’s if you can even call drafting Geno Smith exciting (maybe for Geno Smith and his family).

At this time last year, it looked like the Jets could make some noise in the upcoming season. Sure, they were coming off 8-8, but prior to that they’d gone to back-to-back AFC Championship games. There was a chance they could still be good— with Tebow, they’d be worth watching for amusement’s sake at least. Now though, that’s not the case. The Jets have lost their best player in Darrelle Revis. Their offense will be awful. Their defense will be decent. Their games will be torturously boring to watch. That’s not a circus I want to see or care at all about.

The Patriots, on the other hand, are still noteworthy. Despite the fact that New England hasn’t paid a visit to the White House to take a nice, little group photo with Barack Obama. Despite the fact that the Jets have more playoff wins in the last five years than they do. Despite the fact that over his last five playoff starts, Brady has thrown two times as many interceptions as Sanchez has over his last five playoff starts. (Ouch!) The time for the Pats to win it all is still now.

But the Pats aren’t going to do it. Will they win the AFC East? Sure, the division stinks. Will they get a playoff bye? Why not, their schedule is a cakewalk. Will they promptly lose their first playoff game to whichever Wild Card winner they face? They most certainly will. Because this Patriots team, unlike Patriots teams of year’s past, is quickly becoming a joke. A punch line. The new Jets.

Here are the top five reasons the Patriots are becoming the NFL’s circus organization, in slide show format because I like to look at pictures.